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Letter from Mayor Terry Jones

Fellow citizens, business owners and friends of Millington:

Terry Jones Goat DaysThe last few years have been a time of transition and great accomplishment within our community.
Transition can be unsettling at times as we navigate our way to a new reality. However, we must remember that progress has never come from a place of comfort. It is only when we move outside of our comfort zone that we learn and grow. The key to Millington’s success is in support of one another and acknowledging that we are all working for the betterment of this wonderful place we call home.
The completion of Veterans Parkway has been a tremendous accomplishment that has positioned Millington for tremendous economic growth. Centrally located within the U. S, Millington is easily accessible by road, rail and air, Veterans Parkway creates access to a remarkable amount of prime industrial property, a direct connection to future Interstate 69 and a bypass for northbound and southbound traffic on Highway 51.
A crucial grade separated crossing over the railroad allows direct access to Highway 51 and the Paul Barret Parkway. The Millington Regional Jetport provides access to the national air transportation system. Its 8,000 foot precision grade runway is the third longest in the State of Tennessee. Industrial land surrounding the airport provides outstanding opportunities for aviation related economic development like Crew Training International. True intermodal transportation and shipping to foster area development, Millington is the perfectly positioned for development.
The creation of Millington Municipal Schools has been another remarkable accomplishment within our community. The mission of Millington Municipal Schools is to provide a safe environment that allows teachers to maximize the educational experience for each child. Upon exiting Millington Municipal
Schools, every student will be prepared to face challenges with confidence and the ability to succeed. MMS combined with a variety of private, faith-based schools offer Millington families outstanding educational opportunities for their children. A number of colleges, universities and technical schools serve the Millington area offering a variety of degrees and certificates including The University of Memphis. The U of M – Millington Center offers undergraduate and graduate courses in numerous fields of study. Millington schools, technical colleges and universities equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead the way in technology and innovation today.
Economic growth opportunities, great schools, solid infrastructure, quality services, protection and quality of life opportunities are all essential components of a successful City. We have a great number of challenges yet to work through, but I am confident Millington will prosper. We have a proactive plan in place to maintain services, improve infrastructure and make Millington a more desirable place to live.
The pieces of the puzzle are all beginning to fall together, so let us remember to do whatever possible to support one another. Never forget our community’s strength is in its people working together.

Terry Jones
Mayor, City of Millington

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