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Father’s Day Made Me Think

By David Peel

David PeelI heard a story that I have never forgotten.
It is told that a greeting card place gave surplus cards for Mother’s Day to prisoners. It was a great success, and so the same was tried Father’s Day. No one picked up a single card.
Fathers play a big role in a child’s life. Whether they are there, good or bad, or even absent, they have an influence. I am tired of society acting like mothers and fathers are interchangeable. They are not.
Any good single mother or father can try and make up for the other’s absence, and probably do a pretty good job. But I do not believe for moment that the two situations are the same. Men like Uncles and “Papaw’s” can really help out here!
Not every birth father is a “Dad.”  Not every Dad is created equal. I have an idea of what I should strive to be as a “Dad.”
Here are some very individual observations I have on the subject:
Dad is usually the one that lets kids know that they are not the center of the universe. Dads can allow a bit of useful suffering in the kids to make them stronger.
Dads want you to learn how to use the wrench but also to put it back in the toolbox!
Dad’s spankings hurt more than Mom’s.
Dads being at the game make you feel good; but sometimes play worse.
Dads will let you drive the golf cart.
Dads will push you a little bit.
Dads will tell you to shake off any injury short of a fracture.
Dads play catch.
Dads tell bedtime stories from the Bible.
Dads stop what they are doing if you have a big problem.
Dads do not stop what they are doing if you have a little problem that you should be able to handle.
Dads can fix anything….or at least a make big mess trying.
Dads understand a boy’s need to do a good “wheelie” on his bike.
Dads take daughters out a “Daddy dates” at fancy restaurants.
Dads can kill a snake with a hoe.
Dads do cry sometimes.
Dads love your Mom and are kind to her.
Dads bait your fishhook, and then expect you to do it next time.
Dads cannot tolerate being lied to—and they can almost always tell.
Dads teach you how to jumpstart a car.
Dads show you how to catch a high fly ball.
Dads tell you to keep playing after the missed ball bounces off your head.
Dads know how to make the best paper airplanes.
Dads who honor God are easier for children to honor.
Dads say “I love you and I am proud of you.”
Dads support the coach and teacher when you in trouble.
Dads expect grace to be said at every meal.
Dads expect immediate obedience.
Dads teach you to change a tire and drive a stick shift.
Dads help children give Mom a good Mother’s Day.
Dads take kids to church and Dads tithe.
Dads expect work in exchange for allowance.
Dads expect you to respect his wife— you only disrespect her once and you know it.
Dads take you tent camping.
Dads come to your games, and sometimes even Coach your team.
Dads teach you how to make a little splash with a dive or a big one from a cannonball.
Dads teach you to throw a spiral pass with a football.
Dads almost never miss a dance recital or karate tournament.
Dads fix your bike, and know which trees are best to climb.
Dads keep your artwork in their office.
Dads carry photos of you in their wallet or camera-phone.
Dads teach you to use a screwdriver and to remember “rightie-tightie”, “lefty-loosie.”
Dads take you on hikes.
Dads apologize and seek forgiveness from you when they are wrong.
Dads buy you a BB gun.
Dads pray with you and pray for you.
If you had a Dad who did some these, you were blessed. Your children need a caring man, uncle, grandpa or buddy in their life.
Peel seeks justice for those injured in car accidents, work place incidents, medical malpractice, and nursing homes. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.
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