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Personal Freedom

By Mike T. Smith

Open Mike for webThis weekend we celebrate freedom in the United States of America. I never take for granted that over 230 years ago our forefathers stood up to an oppressive government that prevented it’s citizens from pursuing true happiness and freedom. These brave people sacrificed everything so that we can all live in a free nation.
That battle was won long ago.
But there’s a battle for freedom that each of us fight every single day. Most of the time it’s several times a day. That’s the battle for our personal freedom, and our oppressions aren’t dealt to us by an overreaching government, but they are dealt to us by our very own social circles.
It’s the most difficult task to overcome for those trying to live their best life and pursue their dreams. It’s the moments when others diminish who we are and stop us from pursuing things that will empower us, create the life that we desire, and enable us to make a positive and lasting impact on society for generations.
You may ask why people would spend so much of their time and energy to hold other’s back. There are only two reasons; cruelty and love.
Cruelty is the reason when mean spirited people belittle others in an effort to hold them back. An effort to squash the hopes, dreams and ambitions of a dreamer because that dreamer has the courage, vision, tenacity and dares to do something that most won’t, actually stop playing it safe and go for it. When people are mocked for being different than the masses. In reality the cruel among us act this way because they don’t possess the courage and have given up on their own dreams long ago, so they spend their energy stopping those that do. Their intent and goal in life is to be socially oppressive.
When a dreamer sets out to pursue a bold dream and finds loved ones reeling them back to “reality” in an effort to protect them, then that is when it’s done in love. Loved ones are trying to protect them from the discomfort and pain that inevitably comes when pursuing a bold dream. It’s stopping them from the most rewarding, but unconventional. It’s stopping them from what society has set as normal behavior. It’s talking them into staying with that unfulfilling, yet steady job with no future instead of taking the risk and starting their own business. Loved ones mean well, but they’re being just as socially oppressive as the cruel.
So let’s be prepared and willing to fight the good fight. The fight for our dreams and goals. Make today your independence day from social oppression. God bless America.
Mike T. Smith is a youth motivational speaker who will more than likely eat way too many hamburgers and hot dogs this weekend. For motivational tips for you and your teen sign up for the newsletter at and follow Mike on Twitter at @MikeTSmith.

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