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Help! I’ve Been Changed

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordWhat has happened to our good “cornflakes?” Cornflakes, one of the first processed box cereals, tasted like corn. They were delicious, but would get soggy. Those from the health food are not much better even though they are made from organic, whole grain. The fat has been left out, and they taste like paste. I rarely use boxed cereals; if I do I doctor them to make them flavorful. The phrase “improved” is popular in today’s world. Jever wonder what this means? The package may be smaller, lighter, more colorful, and cost more, but what did they do to it? Maybe the sales are down and because people who are always looking for something new, they redesign it. Be careful of sales pitches!
Has technology improved the quality of our life? We do less hard, physical work, and things seemed to improve for awhile. Women went to work, and we had more things, but less time with family and friends. More gadgets—but less time! We called this progress. We still hear the word “improved” today, but does it always mean that we will have a better quality of life?
The same exchange has happened to food in America. I have seen a great many changes during my seventy-eight years. Butter became margarine; home-cooked bread became “white” sliced bread with the nutrients removed. Whether out of necessity or convenience, we seem to be trying to improve nature. All the time we were “improving” food, we were damaging the soil, and producing inferior quality. Our taste buds may be happy, but we are stuffing ourselves with foods which do not nourish us, nor keep our appetites satisfied. Really good, wholesome foods will keep the blood sugar levels high and you will not always be hungry. In 1936, a senate bill stated “There are not enough minerals in our soil to maintain the health of neither man nor beast.” I tried to locate where I read this, but have been unable to find it, but it is available somewhere. Do you hear about that?
Let’s look at some of the ways food has been altered since our grandparent’s day. Silently and unnoticed to most of us changes have been going on in the food world. Now we say “What happened to our food?” In Genesis 19:19, God instructed Israel “Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed…”  Jever wonder why?
What are hybrid foods? Hybrid foods can be defined as foods that have been changed by man, and will no longer grow in nature. They stem from crops that have been cultivated and nurtured in protective environments, and cross-bred for items like better durability, better taste. They become genetically weak, and unable to revert back to their natural state. A good way to recognize a hybrid food is that they often do not contain seeds.
Other hybrid foods may contain seed, but the seeds are what we call non-viable. That is, they cannot be used to grow the same plant in nature. For example, some fruits are the results of “grafting” two fruit trees together. Agriculturists will graft the stems and branches of two different varieties of fruit trees together, resulting in a new variety of fruit. These trees yield fruit with non-viable seeds. These fruits have been genetically-altered.
Hybrid foods do not contain as many trace nutrients. Why? Through strip farming, used to produce these foods in abundance, the earth has been stripped of its essential minerals. Erosion has also worn down the fields, washing minerals away. Because these important minerals are missing, the body will still feel hungry after eating hybrid foods. You may become drowsy, fatigued, or constipated. The excess sugar in hybrid foods, designed to make them taste good, spills into the urine, just like refined sugar. After you eat hybrid foods, your body leaches calcium from the bones to buffer the acid which is the effect of too much sugar, which causes a serious health problem.
Here are some of the hybrid foods: seedless fruits, vegetables, even bananas, and some dates. Hybrids are high in sugar; therefore they take the water out of your body. Even the smoothie will overload the body, and actually creates thirst. Hybrids are heavily cultivated and protected by pesticides and fertilizers from insects, birds, and fungi as well as the worms found in nature. They are grown in an “artificial” environment, and would not be able to survive if grown in a wild state.
As a result of genetic altering, we now know that hybrid foods do not contain the same combinations of minerals that they would if they were grown in the wild in uncultivated soil—soil that has not been treated with fertilizer, or been stripped of its nutrients by multiple crop plantings.  If we eat too many hybrid foods, our bodies will begin to show signs of mineral deficiencies which are often seen by nutritionists.
Hybrid foods are bred to be much sweeter, causing our bodies to become unbalanced by this abnormally high sugar content. Eat a bunch of concord grapes which have viable seeds; then eat a similar amount of seedless green grapes. Notice a difference in your hunger in 15-30 minutes later.  The high sugar can produce an insulin reaction in some people.
Seed removal is another great concern to me; the life of the plant is in the seed. There is more life in the seed than in the food itself. Breads should be made with the seeds ground up in the flour, but they are removed to prevent spoilage in storage. Not only have the seeds been removed, but fillers have replaced most of the whole grain. My mother asked the bread man how much wheat was in bread. To which he replied, “Very little.” We remove seeds and feed them to the birds and livestock. In fact, the truth of the matter is we take care of animals better than we do humans.  When the farmer loses a cow he loses big bucks. You can be sure he supplies plenty of nutrients in the food fed to his cows—along with a few other synthetic additives.
Today we are getting more and more “seedless” produce. Last year I saw a seedless peach. I would not buy them? Seedless grapes, cucumbers, watermelons, what’s next? What’s up? Could someone be trying to control the seeds, or are they just trying to please us? If someone hordes all the seeds, then everyone will have to purchase seed from him because he controls all of them. This is happening today. Ask the local farmers. My son worked on a farm and saw it first hand.
Jever wonder what could happen should the process fail to work. What about mutations? I have seen them show up peach trees. How are future generations going to survive? We are working against the natural laws of nature, and now the scientists are busily re-arranging the human body. Give me the “good old” days! I’m old enough to remember the days of good tasting food. Help! All creation cries “I’m being changed.” Hybrids are changing the basic laws of nature because of greed in the human heart of mankind!  “The whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now” (Romans 8:22).
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