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BREAKING NEWS: SCSO investigating Millington reservist for sexual exploitation

Rick Friar

Rick Friar

Star Staff Reports

Shelby County badgeOn Monday (July 13) Police Chief Frank Tennant received information from Shelby County Sheriff’s Office investigators regarding an investigation into Rick Friar who has served as a volunteer reservist for this department.

SCSO investigators provided specific details regarding the course of their investigation and Millington Police Department has fully cooperated and will continue to provide any necessary support for their on-going investigation.

The Millington Police Department will not release or comment on specific details of the SCSO investigation and would refer those questions to the SCSO press information officer.

Millington Police Department utilizes the reservists, who are unpaid volunteers, for special events and in other support activities. Reserves receive the Tennessee P.O.S.T. mandated 80 hours of basic training and annual in-service training. The program provides the department additional resources to minimize costs of special events such as parades, festivals, firework shows, etc., and for other support roles as needed. The reservist role is strictly support and ancillary and the focus is not actual enforcement which is the primary role of the paid police force.

Friar has volunteered with MPD since 2007 but is not, nor has ever been a police officer or employee of the city. Since the Reservists are unpaid volunteers and not considered to be employees in any way, Friar’s volunteer service to the department was terminated with the development of this matter.

Police officers tend to develop a protective posture for the community they serve and in incidents where children are involved, that position is magnified exponentially. Some of the men and women who are employed by the Millington Police Department that were most acquainted with Friar have expressed a sense of disappointment, betrayal and even anger over his involvement in such a matter. But our feelings pale in comparison to those of the victim(s) and their family. We offer our sympathy and prayers for strength during this difficult time.

SCSO Investigates Sexual Exploitation Case Involving Millington Reserve Officer

On July 12, the Sheriff’s Office received credible information that Rickie Friar, 66, of North Bay Drive in Millington was involved in the sexual exploitation of children.

Based on the information received, the Special Victims Unit began an investigation which resulted in an arrest warrant to be issued for Friar charging him with Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and Solicitation, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

Both counts are Class B Felonies which carry a sentence of 8-30 years in prison if convicted. Friar was arrested in Russellville, Ark., sometime around 8 p.m. last night by the Arkansas State Police. He will be extradited back to Shelby County as soon as possible.

It should be noted that Rickie Friar is an unpaid volunteer reserve with the Millington Police Department. Their department is cooperating fully with the investigation which is ongoing. Additional charges are possible.

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