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Atoka, Munford execute agreement for automatic fire aid

Star Staff Reports

Town of Atoka signThe town of Atoka and the city of Munford have executed an agreement to provide automatic and mutual aid between fire departments after June 30.
The Atoka and Munford Fire Departments, though operating separately, will continue working together to protect life and property in South Tipton County.
The Boards of Aldermen of Atoka and Munford have given approval to a new aid agreement between the new Atoka Fire Department and the Munford Fire Department.
The agreement provides automatic, immediate response by both departments to any structure fire within the corporate limits of either community.
In the event of a fire outside the corporate limits or some other emergency, the Departments have committed to provide mutual aid on an as-needed basis.
“This agreement cements our partnership for the future and means we will be there to help each other in keeping people safe,” said Atoka Mayor W. Daryl Walker.
As of July 1, there will be twice as many full-time, professional firefighters serving the citizens of Atoka and Munford as there was on July 1, 2014.
The multi-year effort to enhance fire funding and protection has led to the creation of the Atoka Fire Department and the hiring of 13 new full-time fire fighters in Atoka.
In addition, 5 of the firefighters hold Paramedic certification and another 5 hold EMT-Advanced certification – providing the best in pre-hospital care to our residents.
The Atoka Fire Department takes over fire protection on July 1.

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