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New Tennessee Laws Now in Effect

By David Peel

David PeelJuly in Tennessee brings several things to your local injury lawyer: oppressive heat and humidity, fireworks to honor our country and its veterans, optimistic predictions about SEC football this fall, and on July 1 every year, new Tennessee laws take effect.
The Uninsured Driver: The state’s uninsured motorist rate, which is currently at almost 25% is much higher around here. There are approximately 40,000 crashes a year that involve uninsured motorists statewide.
The new law creates a real-time system of auto liability policy verification. Tennessee law requires drivers to have a driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance; however, there is no verification system to track the insurance requirement.
The new law also increases the fine for failure to provide proof of insurance from $100 to $300. Starting in 2016, if a driver fails to provide proof of insurance to an officer, the officer may tow the vehicle as long as the officer’s agency has adopted a policy for such procedure.
My regular readers will know that having a large Uninsured Motorists policy is key in our area. We run more like 38% uninsured and if they commit a hit and run, you only have your own UM policy to make a claim against.
Other laws:
Hot cars: You could already break into cars to rescue babies, and now you will not be liable for any damage caused by breaking into a car to rescue an animal in danger.
Gun permits: You can now buy a lifetime handgun carry permit for a fee of $500.
Guns at work: Employees will be protected if they are fired, or face “adverse employment action,” because they are storing a gun or ammunition in a car in the employer parking lot.
Abortion: Facilities or physicians offices where more than 50 abortions are performed per year will be licensed as ambulatory surgical treatment centers.
There will be a 48-hour waiting period for women wishing to get an abortion. There is an exception for a medical emergency.
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