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The Human Body at Work

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordMore than 48 years ago I began studying nutrition because of personal health problems.
The medical examinations had uncovered no organic reasons. By using this knowledge I began regaining my health and the health of my family. Let us learn something about the human body.
*“You are a collection of moving, parts—atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organs—all arranged in order. These parts are continually changing, even though the overall arrangement remains constant, and they are continually using nutrients.” The old cells die and are replaced by new cells, which are made from the foods we eat. The body has “no” other choice.
The quality of food we eat will determine the quality of cells in our body that is needed to give us a smooth functioning, healthy body. It is our responsibility to make the best possible choices.
*“Your skin which seems to have covered you without changing from the day you were born is not the same skin that covered you seven years ago; it has been replaced entirely by new cells since then.
The fat beneath the skin is not the same fat that was there a year ago. Your oldest red blood cell is only 120 days old, and the entire lining of the digestive tract is renewed every three days. To maintain your “self,” you must continually replenish the energy you burn, and replace the pieces you lose.”
These pieces come from the food we eat, and if what we eat is lacking in any one element needed by the body, the cells will become malnourished.
The body does its best to keep the vital organs alive and working properly, and will even rob the bones and other organs to meet its primary needs.
The human body is designed for food grown on good healthy soil with living organisms that nourish the plants naturally. Modern agricultural practices force the soil to produce more for financial gain; however, in the process the soil itself becomes depleted.
Chemicals and fertilizers kill the live organisms which transport the nutrients from the soil to the plants. The foods we are eating today do not have the necessary nutrients.
Quality food is essential, but hard to come by today.  Supplementation, another important decision, is necessary to replace these missing nutrients. Manufacturers add synthetic vitamins which are made from chemicals. We must find “whole” food supplements that the body will accept. It is an expensive, almost impossible task.
Our food source is not the only factor involved in the health of our body.
The primary factor is the health of the parents before conception and birth.
The digestive system must be healthy to digest, absorb, transport, store, and discard wastes from the foods we eat.
Our sedentary, hectic, stressful lifestyle and many other things affect our overall health.
Quality foods will help keep all systems functioning properly, but we must do our part. Health does not just happen!
There is not just “one” pathway to health, but there are some basics. We each must listen to our own body and recognize its responses.
Dairy products can cause lots of problems, especially for children.
Jever wonder who does the advertising? There are good tasting alternative foods. To check for an allergy avoid a food for a few weeks, then try it again. I suggest a balance of foods with lots of fiber to help the body excrete toxins, and whole food supplements with lots of pure water. We live in this toxic world. I believe in asking myself; “What do I need today?” Not just “I can’t eat that!” There is a balance. I also learned how to detoxify my body because of a serious illness, and have regained my health and energy without drugs. It is possible!
Hear me! You can have better health. Why not take the responsibility seriously for yourself and your family? You might be surprised at how much improvement you can experience.
The body gets excited when you blend a cup of pineapple juice with a green salad! Live enzymes!
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