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A Tribute Fit For A Hero

By Mike T. Smith

Open Mike for webOn Aug. 1, 2015 during a routine traffic stop Officer Sean Bolton was murdered.
It was tragic news. I was out of town and I was shocked that night when my wife called to tell me about it.  It’s always sad to hear news like this but this one hit closer to home.
Officer Bolton was my wife’s cousin. I knew Sean personally. I’ve met him. I’ve been out to dinner with him. I knew his mom.
He’s even been to my house. He really was a great guy. He was a selfless person. He was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for his country, serving two tours in the Iraq was as a Marine. He did pay the ultimate sacrifice for a city that he loved so much. This past Wednesday night there was a memorial service at Hope Church for Officer Sean Bolton.
I realized just how much of a brotherhood there is in law enforcement.
There were hundreds of local law enforcement in attendance to pay their respects to Sean and his family.
There were also officers from as far away as Chicago and Cincinnati in attendance. It was touching. These officers lined up to give their condolences to each family member.
As we left Hope Church there were bikers in the parking lot with American flags on their bikes.
There were fire trucks with ladders extended so a huge American flag could e draped between them.
As I was driving in the procession and turned out of the parking lot there were people lined up on each side of the road to pay their respects. They stood in parking lots.
They were on the overpasses on 240. They stood with their hands over their heart. Some had signs that said, “Thank you Officer Bolton” and “We love you Officer Bolton.” I know I’ve seen tributes before, but to be in the procession and see how many people were lined up through the entire route made it so much more real to me. My wife was overwhelmed emotionally from it.
She was so touched, and so was I. I also have great respect and admiration for Director Tony Armstrong.
He is a true leader. Not only how he acted in front of the camera with the world watching him, but also how he caring and compassionate he was with family when there were no cameras around.
As I saw those people I realized that as divided as my hometown seems to be, when it matters most we band together and do what’s right. That’s exactly what Sean would’ve wanted.
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