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ABA’s Mid-South Echoes will call Flag City home this fall

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

homelogoProfessional basketball is coming to Millington.
After a year and half, a group has developed and formed the Mid-South Echoes of the American Basketball Association. The Echoes will call the William Osteen Gymnasium home starting this fall.
“It’s a wonderful revolution to see it coming to fruition and be here in Millington,” Echoes Director of Basketball Operations Cheveyo Langundo said. “Which is a thriving community. We hope to uplift the community while bridging gaps in basketball, community and scholarships.”
The official announcement of the Mid-South Echoes entering the ABA was made June 26 from the league office in Indianapolis. The team is owned by Langundo, who served in the U.S. Navy, and played  college and professional basketball.
“I think it’s a great fit with this being a Navy town,” Langundo said. “With me being prior Navy and my basketball experience, Millington being expectational in academics and basketball, this is a great fit. This is a better fit than a hand in a glove.”
Langundo eyed Flag City from the beginning because of NSA Mid-South and the success of the Millington Municipal School after its first year of operation.
“We’ll add to Millington will be our mentorship,” he said. “We’ll provide scholarships for our student athletes to have aspirations to go on to secondary endeavors. And to have an opportunity to just bring family entertainment back to the city of Millington with professional basketball.”
Langundo is currently co-owner of TOB Sports that builds relationships between high schools and colleges via their Stat Software helping students find sporting jobs, schools and careers. Langundo said the Mid-South Echoes will provide a good product off the court for Millington while exciting crowds one the ball is tossed up for the opening tip.
“The ABA is known for entertainment,” he noted. “ABA is the league that brought the 3-point line to the NBA. It also brought the slam dunk. What the Echoes and the ABA are going to bring is family entertainment.”
Promotions will be done for all ages including Bowling for Dollars with young children. Adults can follow the team on Twitter and be eligible to hit a half court shot for money.
“We’ll have a big venue, plenty of space,” Langundo concluded. “You can see these athletes play. It will be a good time for everybody to come on out and join together to see the Echoes bring a good thing to the community.”
For more information on the league, visit
For more information on the team, e-mail, or call 614-6956

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