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Our Mission Trip to South America

By David Peel

David Peel 1 David Peel 2 David Peel 3 David Peel 4We recently visited a children’s home in Leticia, Colombia.  It is a small town, entirely secluded from the outer world by the immense jungles of the Amazon rain forest. There is no road to this place. You arrive either by air at a tiny airport, or by water, on the mightiest of all rivers: the Amazon. (Yes, the one with Piranhas).
Our team from our church went to simply love on the kids. We did VBS-type activities with them, teaching them Bible verses in Spanish and English.
We played games like soccer, basketball and tag. I gave them an American football and showed some boys how to throw it. We took them on field trips to see the nearby world they seldom get to see.
We went out on the Amazon River and traveled to neighboring Peru. There was a zoo of sorts there called Monkey Island. It is appropriately named. Dozens of squirrel monkeys jumped from trees all over us. It was crazy.
The kids laughed; especially at us. We fed them and basically were human trampolines for their antics.
Then they showed us a boa constrictor, and we were invited to wear it. (They are heavy.)  We saw an ocelot (think small jaguar), a capybara (think a water-nutria as big as cocker spaniel), avoided a giant snapping turtle that looked like a demon, held a caiman (small gator) and enjoyed assorted birds and monkeys. But the best was the sloth. The sloth moves in slow motion, only slower.
He is like a monkey with claws but just hangs around. On your neck or a branch, he just hangs out like guys in a smoky van after a Grateful Dead concert. Other stops included a steak place in nearby Brazil, and holding a ten-foot anaconda.
But the best part, by far, was playing with the kids. These kids are like yours and mine: they want to be secure, loved and appreciated.
I am looking forward to sponsoring a child we have actually met and gotten to know.
Maybe this will be that mission trip your family will do. Contact me if I can guide you in anyway. Now, let all God’s love shine through our love and change our world.
Peel seeks justice for those injured in car accidents, work place incidents, medical malpractice, and nursing homes.
He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.
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