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BREAKING NEWS: City of Millington responses to TBI Investigation into MPD

Star Staff Reports

Courtesy of City of Millington

MPD shieldWhile the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation conducts its investigation, the City of Millington has begun a thorough examination of the practices of the Millington Police Department.

I have the greatest respect for those who serve in law enforcement,” Millington City Manager Ed Haley said. “It is a tough job. I am grateful for those who have served this community, but make no mistake, no one is immune.

Where problems are found, the City of Millington will take swift and decisive action to correct,” he added. “Today Millington’s Police Chief resigned. “The Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be asked to replace the Chief at a special called meeting of the Board on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. in accordance with the City’s charter. One veteran member of the Millington Police Department was terminated today for dereliction of duties. Others may follow.

“Today’s actions are the result of an examination of one area of the department. Each area of the department is being examined,” Haley continued. “ If other short comings are found, they will be dealt with accordingly. As the TBI investigation of missing funds from the evidence room at the Millington Police Department continues, more changes within the department are expected.

“On Aug. 20, money was discovered missing from the evidence room at the Millington Police Department,” he concluded. “The City contacted all appropriate authorities, is fully cooperating and a TBI investigation is underway. Because this is an ongoing investigation, the City of Millington has no comment except that a check in the full amount due was hand delivered to the family of Jimmy Wayne Smith on Aug. 31.”

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