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BREAKING NEWS: Former Millington Police Chief Frank Tennant Sets the Record Straight

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Frank Tennant

Frank Tennant

Millington Police Chief Frank Tennant resigned from his position.

Tennant was hired in August 2014 to rescue and rebuild the Millington Police Department that was suffering from low morale, incredibly high turnover and institutional neglect.

After 12 months on the job under Tennant, the department was finally fully staffed and improving. On this past Aug. 20 Tennant was notified that money was missing from the secured Property Room at the Millington Police Department.

Tennant immediately notified Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich and he requested a TBI investigation. As the investigation has been moving forward, Tennant and the department have fully cooperated. The Chief has full faith in the state investigators to bring this case to a conclusion.

Tennant stated in his resignation letter that city officials have undermined and circumvented his authority to the detriment of the City of Millington and the detriment of the criminal investigation to locate the missing money.  Neither Tennant, nor the other two career Millington officers that were fired today have been accused of any wrongdoing.

The simple fact is that there was a theft from behind a 500 pound steel door in the secured Property Room and the City of Millington chose to vilify career law enforcement officers with exemplary records instead of waiting for the guilty party or parties to be identified.

Tennant takes full responsibility for his actions and the actions of the officers under his command during his 34 year career in law enforcement.

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