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Shelby County Election Commission authorizes Millington recalls

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ShelbyCountyTN_ElectionCommission_logoThe Shelby County Election Commission has authorized the signing of Recall Petitions for Millington Mayor Terry Jones, Millington Vice Mayor and Position 6 Alderman Chris Ford, and fellow Millington Aldermen Position 1 Bethany Huffman, Position 4 Larry Dagen and Position 5 Thomas McGhee. The petitions were brought forward by Millington resident Ross Landrum.

The Shelby County Election Commission met on Thursday, Sept. 15 and approved circulation of the five petitions regarding conducting a referendum to authorize the recall of the mayor and certain alderman.

Pursuant to the Millington City Charter, Section 4.13. Recall Petition and Election of Mayor and Aldermen, which is attached as an addendum, the number of signatures needed for each petition will be based on 51 percent of the number of voters in the 2012 Millington General Election. Here are the number of signatures needed for each petition:

Mayor Terry Jones (3,459 total voters) 1,764 for 51 percent

Alderman 1 Bethany Huffman (2,010 total voters) 1,025 for 51 percent

Alderman 4 Larry Dagen (2,033 total voters) 1,037 for 51 percent

Alderman 5 Thomas McGhee (1,967 total voters) 1,003 for 51 percent

Alderman 6 Chris Ford (2,030 total voters) 1,035 for 51 percent

For more information call 901-873-2255.

3 Responses to “Shelby County Election Commission authorizes Millington recalls”

  1. Patrick Whitney says:

    Where do we go to sign the petitions?

  2. Herbie says:

    Thank you, Thomas Sellers , for this article and the OP-Ed letter on Oct 1st!


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