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Big Creek to hold homecoming event Oct. 11

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Big_Creek_Cemetery_Millington_TN_2013-05-26_006Big Creek Cemetery at 6839 Big Creek Church Road in Millington was first established in May of 1886 and sits on 6.55 acres, with about 650 graves going back to the mid-1800s including the Crenshaw family,  as well as many other early settlers in the area.
Dr. Dan Crenshaw, a retired veterinarian, has been the cemetery administrator since 1996.  His son, Kenny and their cousin, Kent serve on the board of directors of Big Creek Cemetery Association, a 501© 3 nonprofit organization, along with other relatives of those buried there including Joe Braswell, Jean Carlisle Fitts and Jeannie Ticer.
Dabney and Hepsey Crenshaw donated the land which included what would be Big Creek Cemetery. The cemetery property was deeded to Big Creek Cemetery Association on May 8, 1886.  This deed is listed among properties within the Shelby County Archives.  The land was part of 640 acres previously owned by Dabney’s father, Joel Crenshaw.
The property was originally a Crenshaw family cemetery comprising one-fourth of an acre at what is now the north end of the cemetery.
Big Creek Homecoming
The Big Creek  Homecoming event was first organized in the 1930s. It was originally held the second Sunday in August.  Prior to Homecoming, church members and people living in the Big Creek community would cut the often waist-high grass using mule-powered mowers. For this historic celebration, Brunswick stew was cooked in large, iron washtubs.   At daylight Sunday morning, Earl Goldsby and others would start “stewing “ the mixture of chickens, squirrels, corn, tomatoes and other fresh produce contributed by family and neighbors. By noon, several hundred residents and friends gathered to enjoy this annual event.
This year, our Homecoming event will be held Oct. 11 beginning  at 1 p.m.  The dish of choice will be southern barbecue – –  available for a donation. And we kindly request that our guests bring dessert. We hope that all family members and interested persons in the community will attend and help us carry on the tradition.

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