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The Art of the S.M.A.R.T. Goal (Part Three)

By Mike T. Smith

Open Mike for webNo kid ever says, “When I grow up I just want to take what life gives me. The goal is survival.”
Nope, that has never happened. Kids are dreamers. They’re goal setters, but as the years pass we lose sight of goals and become content (notice I didn’t say happy) with simply surviving. This includes yours truly.
The great thing is at any moment you can decide to get back to that exciting part of your life. Get back to goals setting again. It is one of the things that keep life exciting and evolving. I often say that the day someone stops setting goals is the day that they lose their zest for life.
There is a simple concept to goal setting and application. It’s way more effective than the  “Let’s throw it against the wall and see what sticks’ approach most people run with. It’s called S.M.A.R.T. goals. Notice the dots between the letters. That means its official and you should take it seriously.  Let’s dive into what each letter means and my take on it.
For your review here is where I explain ’S.’ http://millington­­art­of­the­s­m­a­r­t­goal/.
And here is where I explain ‘M.’  http://millington­­art­of­the­s­m­a­r­t­goal­part­2/
Here is ‘A.’ http://millington­­art­of­the­s­m­a­r­t­goat­part­3
/Now what about ‘R’?
R ­ Realistic. Is your goal realistic? Are you willing to work at it? Are you able to work at it? Those are the two questions you need to ask yourself.
This is where I go full motivational speaker mode on you. Who decides what is realistic? In most cases where someone complains that you’re not being realistic it simply means that your vision is bigger than their’s. Don’t let these people deter you from what you are meant to do.
That’s the ’R’ in S.M.A.R.T. goals. Tune in to the next OPEN MIKE as we discuss goal setting further. Don’t forget to share this article so others can benefit from this. Mike T. Smith is a youth motivational speaker that simplifies success for today’s teen. For a free guide on helping the teen in your life visit and sign up for newsletter.
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