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Patrolman White becomes Anka new partner for MPD

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Police Dog Anka 2 Police Dog Anka 3 Police Dog Anka 4 Police Dog AnkaRecently for the last time, Millington Patrolman Marvin Wiggins wrapped the large black leash around his fist.
Down the dark cord on the collar was his partner and friend of more than a year Anka. The time had arrived for the tandem of Wiggins and Patrol Dog Anka to exit their patrol car in front of the Millington Police Department one final time.
“It feels terrible because I got so close to her,” Wiggins said. “But I feel Thomas is a good officer. He’s going to have fun with her and he’s going to take care of her. I feel good about it.”
Wiggins handed the leech over to Millington Patrolman Thomas White. Now the German Shepard that has been on the force since 2010 will team up with White.
“I’m really excited and we’ll get to spend a lot of time together,” White said. “I know we’ll become a great team. It will take a little while but we’ll be a great team.”
While White and Anka will undergo training, Wiggins will be transitioning to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. He will become a deputy for the County.
“Just a different scene and there will be more opportunities moving forward with the County,” Wiggins said. “I think it will all be all right.”
Wiggins made things all right with Anka relieving her from her first handler Patrolman Robert Akers. Now Akers is teamed up with the other MPD dog Kimbo.
Akers was on hand for the ceremony of Wiggins handing over Anka to White. During the event, Anka jumped into the arms of Akers.
Anka has bonded with Akers and Wiggins over time. Wiggins said she will do the same with White.
“She’s in explosive detections and apprehension,” he noted. “We did bomb threat calls. And when special dignitaries come, we did Michelle Obama’s convoy and Hillary Clinton’s convoy. When the CNO of the Navy came, we did that as well. We had a couple of bomb threats at the FedEx Forum, at the hospital a couple of week ago. And she got a lot of bad guys too.
“I’ll miss just laying with her and she played with the kids,” he concluded. “She got to sleep in the bed if she was good. Just spending time with her, you know you bond with an animal. She’s more than just a tool, she became part of my family. That what makes it so hard.”

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