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On October 26th thru October 30th the City Of Millington Water Department will be flushing fire hydrants, weather permitting, throughout the city. This is being done, along with other projects, to maintain a safe drinking water supply for the customers of Millington Water Department. There is nothing wrong with your drinking water, this is just one of the procedures we do to maintain our lines.

The fire hydrant flushing will begin during the daytime hours on these dates. During these times you may experience low water pressure or discolored water. Please be patient with these problems since they will be short lived. It will be a good idea to check your water before you start any activities requiring water usage to make sure that it is of good quality for the intended use.

If you should have any discolored water, there is a simple way to get rid of it. All you have to do is flush all the toilets in your home while at the same time run all the COLD WATER FAUCETS ONLY in your home. This should only take a couple of minutes. This procedure will flush out any discolored water that is in your service line and restore the water quality to what you are accustomed to having. If this does not work please call the Millington Water Department at 872-2211 to report this problem.

This fire hydant flushing is done in accordance with section 0400-45-01-.17(10) of the RULES OF TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND CONSERVATION, CHAPTER 0400-45-01 PUBLIC WATER SYSTEMS.

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