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Polish.Girl.Nail.Cafe looks to pamper in and out

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Pro Nail 1 Pro Nail 2 Pro Nail 3 Pro Nail 4 Pro Nail 5 Pro Nail 6MEMPHIS — The owner of Polish Girl Nail Cafe is simply known as Wynter.
Since moving from Chicago, Wynter’s goal of finding the ideal location for a perfect get away in Shelby County during any season took some years. After two tries, Wynter and her team moved into their current location of 2852 Poplar Ave., in Memphis March 2015. The first location was above Ben and Jerry’s on Poplar. After four years, Polish Girl moved to its second location behind Gus’ on Mt. Moriah.
“When the opportunity came for me to have my own building, it three sizes bigger than the other two locations,” Wynter said. “It allows me to offer more services that I couldn’t offer at the previous locations.”
Now the team at Polish Girl Nail Cafe can service a customers’ nails, brows, lashes and even teeth. The set up for the new location is the comfortable setting of the front nail stations to the high chairs in the very back situated for the pedicures.
“We have a pedicure room that offers pedicure services,” Wynter said. “The unique thing about our pedicures is that we don’t have the spa chair with the massage jets. They’re trying to outlaw the jets because of the bacteria. We went a whole different way on how we do the pedicure bowls.”
Between the nail stations and the pedicure room are other relaxing options for customers.
“Then we have an aesthetician room,” Wynter noted. “That offers skin care, full body wax and hair removal. Then we have a teeth whitening booth. That’s for cosmetic teeth whitening.
“Our nail department is 80 percent of the business,” she added. “We have that up front. I have six licensed manicurist who are on staff. Everyone is experienced.”
Wynter’s experience in nail services started when she was 20 years old in the High Park area of Chicago. Some her clients were well-known figures like Michael Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita and actress Jada Pinkett Smith.
Wynter along with husband Teran opened Polish U Pretty in Memphis 5 years ago. Now Polish U Pretty has evolved into Polish Girl Nail Cafe.
The nail techs at Polish Girl Nail Cafe are Shaunda Rich, Jimeka Coleman, Erica Burnett, Amy Dobbins and manager Summer Currington.   Brittny H handles teeth whitening.
The team members have a friendly roper with customers. When someone walks through the doors, they are greeted and receive one-on-one treatment.
“The difference between our saloon and others is that we’re more personable,” Wynter said. “It’s appointment based. It’s not set up like an assembly line.”
Throughout a visit at Polish Girl, the team member appears to have a causal conversation and friendly interaction with the customer while providing services.
“Our team is designed with the customer in main, customer service and to deliver relaxation to our customers,” Wynter said. ”
You’ll have the typical nail saloon to were you’ll smell a lot of the chemicals. You don’t have that here. We don’t use the electric drill on the nails. We’re sensitive to our customers and emphasize customer service.”
Services for the customers are brows, lashes, teeth whitening, nail enhancements, pedicures, manicures, skin treatments, facials, body waxing and additional nail services. Under the name Polish Girl Nail Cafe are three words: Fab, Polish and Pamper.
“For most women to get away and be around other women, it’s a form of pampering yourself,” Wynter concluded. “Fab, polish and pamper, making you feel fabulous, polishing you inside and out, and pampering that you deserve.”
For more information on Polish Girl Nail Cafe, email or call 761-5991.

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