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FALL&WINTER GUIDE: Winery offers relaxing atmosphere

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

OMW 1 OMW 2 OMW 6 OMW 7 OMW 10According to the book 100 Things To Do In Memphis Before You Die by Samantha Crespo, everyone in Shelby County should make a trip to the Old Millington Winery.

Live music and a family-friendly place to enjoy your sack lunch are just a few reason to drive out to 6748 Old Millington Road. Most who have already paid a visit to the Old Millington Winery would tell you the original selection and created-on-sight wines are the No. 1 draw.

Owners, husband and wife, Perry and Carrie Welch have been drawing in wine lovers with their award-winning creations since 2000.

In recent years the Old Millington Winery has build a reputation for an relaxing atmosphere to enjoy local music in wine country.

“We’ve had a good fall season as far as the music goes,” Perry said. “The weather has cooperated — which is rare. We’ll hopefully have six concerts in a row.”

Old Millington Winery opens up its stage each year in the Spring going from April to June. After a two month break from the heat of July and August, artist return to the Old Millington Winery stage throughout September and October.

Once the final act has left the outdoor stage, Perry and Carrie focus on getting ready for “wine season.”

“We always do some wines for the holidays,” he said. “Just for this time of year, we’re doing a plum and a cranberry. We’re working on those right now building our inventory. Of course, November and December are our busiest times of the year.”

A patron to the Old Millington Winery will find a selection of ideal gift wines like Vidal Blanc, Delta White and Delta Blush from its Dry and Semi-Dry Whites.

For Red Wine lovers, Old Millington Winery offers Crying Angel Red, Big River Red and Red Port. But the list that is quickly gaining attention and awards for the Old Millington Winery is Sweet Wines.

Feature on the Sweet Wines list are Muscadine, Noble Red Muscadine, Sweet Watermelon, Strawberry, Blackberry and the debut of Peach.

Perry said he hopes the Peach will do as well as the Blackberry Wine. Old Millington Winery had been awarded more than 50 medals from the Wines of the South over the years.

Blackberry Wine had won several including “Best of Show” three of the last four years. The Gold Medal win is the best seller at the Winery.

Perry said Blackberry will just be one of the wines available this Holiday season individually or as part of a homemade gift basket.

“First off it’s a good wine at an exceptional value,” he said. “At Christmas time for no charge, we gift wrap each bottle and we’ll put a tag on the bottle saying what it is. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people come in and get a case of wine and keep it in their trunk. Just in case that one person give them a gift, they go, ‘Wait a minute, I got yours right here.’”

Whether the wine is an impromptu present or a part of a well-planned gesture, Perry said residents of West Tennessee are quickly finding out the location is more than just wines.

“We’re not Wolfchase, you can come in here and get in and get out,” Perry noted. “But you can stay for a moment.

“Just last year, we rebuilt the deck outside,” he added. “There’s good seating out here. A lot of people will come in weather permitting, bring their lunch and spend the afternoon. It’s somewhere to go that is family friendly.”

Perry noted how the Old Millington Winery is less than a half hour away from all residents in Shelby County. And as part of the Wine Trail of West Tennessee, he encourages to make you stop by seven locations including 6748 Old Millington Road.

“We have a good product at a good price,” he said. “Now that there are other wineries opened, we are the oldest in Shelby County. We’re the oldest winery in West Tennessee. We’ve been here since 2000 and over the years we’ve continuously built.

“And now we have a pretty good following,” Perry concluded. “I do have customers come from Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland. With 385 and 40, of course there are tons of Downtown people coming up 51.”

The Wine Trail of West Tennessee are Paris Winery (Paris), White Squirrel (Kenton), Crown Winery (Humboldt), Century Farm Winery (Jackson), de terra Winery (Somerville), Delta Blues Winery (Lakeland) and Old Millington Winery.

For more information on Old Millington Winery, call 873-4114 or visit

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