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A Feeling of Well-Being

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordHealth is a state of complete well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Health is on the inside. It is characterized by high energy levels, a feeling of vigor, and the capacity to live life to the fullest.
Arthritis is not a state of well-being, but brings fear into our hearts when we see people around us get worse as the years go by. Drugs become a way of life to deal with the pain. Arthritis starts on the inside, gradually making itself known in the body.
At 30 years of age I had symptoms of arthritis. I used no drugs, but the doctor had given me my first bottle of tranquilizers because I would cry for no reason. Over the years I discovered, there were underlying causes which were not being addressed by the medical world. I realized I was deficient in many nutrients, and my thyroid and hormone system was in trouble. The chlorine in our water affects many bodily processes—especially the thyroid gland. During this time a friend loaned me a book to read about health. I began changing my eating habits and those of my family.
Children who bite their nails, wet the bed, have nervous twitches, and are hyperactive are deficient in calcium and magnesium. Supplementation is necessary; it has to be a source the body will accept and absorb easily. When minerals were added to my sons’ diet, they became calm, the surface of the teeth became hard and shiny, and leg cramps stopped. One son did not have to have braces because the minerals helped his jaw to grow and accommodate the full mouth of teeth. Ear infections stopped, colds and allergies diminished, and many changes took place in our health.
Personally I have enjoyed years of well-being, but I was to discover that painful emotions are extremely damaging. Even though I was supplementing, a painful divorce took its toll.
Most people who have serious maladies have been through an extreme emotional crisis. In l994, a saliva and urine test revealed the source of the problem. With the help of a well-known nutritionist in Michigan, I have recovered—without drugs. It cost me: discipline, time, and money, but I wanted to be well again. I fought for that feeling of well-being that I had always had. I told my nutritionist that I was going to beat this thing, and I did! The last report showed that my adrenal and thyroid were almost normal.
Do you want that sense of well-being? The body wants to get well. Fight for your own health and well-being!
Give food and meal preparation a more important place in your priorities. Leave off those unproductive things to have more time to cook. Fresh or frozen foods are best. It is absolutely necessary to remove prepared, processed foods from your diet. Quick foods are loaded with more dangerous chemicals than you care to know about. Trim the budget of non-essentials (paper towels, cokes, fruit drinks, chips, etc.) and use this money to invest in your health. Crock pots, blenders, and steamers are a great to help you cook from scratch. This is worth the time and effort if you want your family to have a feeling of well-being. No one will look after your health unless you do.
I know people are extremely busy. They tell me they do not have time to eat. They skip meals, grab a sweet, and keep trucking. All the while the body gets weaker. Believe me, one day it will demand attention—one way or another.
If we eat only for daily energy, where will your cells get the materials to rebuild the damage? Do you realize it will use its own body tissue? We need plenty of pure water, clean air to breathe, exercise, and rest.
Avoid as many chemicals as you can. Clean up your home environment with safe products. Newborns and children are especially at risk!
Wouldn’t you enjoy feeling good, being free of pain, and have that “zest” of living like you had when you were younger? Pain killers, and drugs of all kind will not heal us—they only mask the problem. We keep seeking for something to help us, and the medical world will keep dispensing more and drugs; they major on disease—not health. When are we going to accept the responsibility for our part in the health of our body? A sense of well-being is a precious treasure.
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