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2015 Young Life Banquet biggest ever, more examples of spiritual growth

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

YoungLife 1 YoungLife 2 YoungLife 3 YoungLife 4 YoungLife 5Each year the Young Life Fall Banquet gets larger and larger.
The 2015 edition was held Nov. 3 at the Helmsman Club on the campus of NSA Mid-South. The packed ballroom was treated to a meal, entertainment and a message from Young Life leaders, alumni and current students involved with the cause.
The theme of the banquet was Our Story. And the stories shared near the end of the evening came from Young Life alumni Kyle, Shae, Spencer and April. The quartet shared their journey toward finding Christ in two parts. Young Life Shelby-Tipton County Leader Luke Sadler introduced the four and provided the platform for them to share how Young Life helped them during difficult periods in their teenage development.
Kyle  had to learn true Christianity and developed a stronger family sense. Shae had to overcome growing up in the inner city,using drugs and moving to a new community. Spencer endured the lost of his father at young age and growing into a man. Meanwhile April was the “party girl” and suffered through an abusive relationship.  All four came to know Young Life in different ways but all of them shared a connection through the ministry leading them to a spiritual growth.
Young Life was started in 1939 by Jim Rayburn in Gainesville, Texas inviting neighborhood high school student to his parish to develop a connection. And that connection led to a relationship with Christ.
Similar methods are still used today by Young Life leaders. The mission came to the Millington area back in 2006 with Jeremy Crabtree. Sadler arrived later along with his wife Jessica growing the program from Millington Central High School to Bolton and Tipton-Rosemark Academy. Young Life hopes to expand north to Tipton County. With a current budget of $158,000, Young Life used the banquet as a chance to raise funds and give individuals and businesses a chance to contribute.
Already helping the cause are Bethany K. Huffman CPA, an-i.v. Home Infusion, Patriot Bank, Reed Family Dentistry, Commodore Villages, Boatwright Pharmacy, Mid-South Veterinary Services Dr. Brent Pugh, Peel Law Firm, Chick-fil-A and Home Superior Inc.
Young Life has weekly meetings at Commodore Villages. For more information or donate, call 215-4481.

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