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School Board approves fee schedule for organization’s use of system’s facilities

By Bill Short

Millington Schools logoThe Millington School Board approved a fee schedule this week for non-profit outside organizations that seek to use the municipal school system’s facilities.
Board members took the action Monday night during their regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Don Holsinger and seconded by Chuck Hurt Jr.
The motion was passed by a 5-2 vote, with C. J. Haley and newly re-elected board Vice Chairman Greg Ritter dissenting.
The Operations Department of the school system has prepared a letter that will be distributed to organizations requesting use of facilities.
It states that, because they are “public property,” public schools should be used for activities that will “enhance the cultural, educational and recreational opportunities” in the community.
Requests for use of school property must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the proposed use.
The letter states that, as protection against “undue liability,” insurance requirements must be met by outside organizations using public schools.
Before a use request can be granted, an organization must sign and submit the school system’s Facility Request Form for the current fiscal year and its Hold Harmless Agreement.
The organization must also provide a copy of its Certificate of Insurance and an Internal Revenue Service letter indicating its status.
The name on the Certificate of Insurance must match the name of the organization on the Facility Request Form.
For-profit entities are not allowed to reserve space in a Millington school facility.
The Hold Harmless Agreement is not applicable to government entities.
All organizations, except those that are school-related, requesting use of a facility must file the Certificate of Insurance with the Operations Department.
The certificate must be marked “Public School Use,” and a photocopy of it must be attached to the Facility Request Form.
For the duration of the organization’s use of the facility, its insurance policy must name Millington Municipal Schools and the city of Millington as “additional insured” for no less than $1 million.
For initial processing, the Certificate of Insurance, as well as the signed Facility Request Form and the Hold Harmless Agreement, must be returned directly to the school requested for use. If additional information is required, all communication will be done by e-mail.
After its use request has been approved, an organization will be asked to submit its rental deposit to Bruce Rasmussen, supervisor of Financial Services for the school system. Checks must be made out to Millington Municipal Schools.
Invoices for recurring events will be due every 30 days. Failure to pay will subject an organization to prohibition from further use of the premises and invoices submitted to a collection agency for payments.

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