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Nutrition With A Mission

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordI started studying health and nutrition 63 years ago, and still do.  Not only did I study I applied it in my family.
The first bottle of vitamins I purchased was to boost my energy; the second bottle did not work; it was missing some of the B vitamins.  I began my marriage with my husband’s three baby boys: one, two, and four.  I knew nothing about children.
The children were malnourished.  You can’t imagine the difficulties I encountered.  The baby was still on milk at one-year-old; one child ate dirt and was impacted.  The baby would cry every time I stopped feeding him.  None of them were potty trained.  I fed them the best I could on our low military pay, but I was a good cook so they flourished.
The problem:  They were extremely deficient in minerals.  A disease called     “pica.”   When horses chew their stalls and kids eat dirt, they are searching for     minerals.  A mother told me her son could not get enough milk.  I told her he     was searching for calcium.  Extreme cravings let us know there is something     missing from the diet.  Today there is an extreme mineral deficiency in our     foods because the soil is deficient.  I found a way to supplement that gives     me the missing nutrients.
The first “health food” I fed the boys was a protein powder.   I put the protein in a small glass of pineapple juice with powdered calcium; added a vitamin, and watched until they drank it.  As they grew older I included meat, eggs, and fish patties for breakfast.
We were next to the ocean on duty in California; people would donate fresh fish they didn’t like.  The boys devoured it; ate the black part; cleaned the bones.  They were never fed box cereal for breakfast.
Besides a relationship with the Lord, health has been my priority.  It has paid off for me.  At almost 84, I can still mow the lawn, care for my home with plenty of energy, and take no doctor’s medicine; and don’t look my age.   I use a naturopathic that never uses drugs.  She saved my life in l995 when I discovered I had Candida; an overgrowth of yeast caused by stress of a divorce.  It took me four years to get my health back; it was expensive and time-consuming.  I am alive and well today!  It was worth it!
This is my story and I would like to know we are all learning to avoid dangerous habits that cause serious health problems.   We are our own worst enemy.
I have written a book and shared the articles in several local newspapers over the years.  I am available for counseling at 872-3538.
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