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Latest update on Mississippi River flood stage

shelby logo The Mississippi River is above flood stage of 34 Feet

 ·        Current Mississippi River Level: 37.08 feet

·        Mississippi River Crest:  40.50 feet expected Friday, January 8, 2016

Flood Forecast Maps


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Current Conditions in Shelby County

·        All main roads are open

·        No major damage to homes or businesses in Memphis and Shelby County


Damage Estimates


·        No significant damage is expected at homes and businesses based on the estimated 40.5 river crest

·        In low-lying areas, water could spill over roads and into yards


Flood Response Efforts

·        Shelby County Office of Preparedness Emergency Operations Center is open 24 hours

·        Representatives from fire, police, public works, health department and shelter support agencies are staffing the emergency operations center

·        Fire, police and office of preparedness staff continue round-the-clock visits to flood-prone areas


High Water Threats

1.      Downtown in the Harbor Town neighborhood on Mud Island-Water in yards and outdoor storage areas

·        Running River Place

·        River Landing Drive

·        Harbor Isle Circle North

·        Marina Cottage Cove

2.      Unincorporated Shelby County-near the Frayser area-Billion Road at Old Cuba-Benjestown Road-high water is in fields and yards



Closed Roads Due to High Water

·        Second Street between Mud Island drive and the Stiles Treatment Center

·        Billion Road at Old Cuba-Benjestown Road

·        Boat ramps at Greenbelt Park  and Shelby Forest


Flood Water Prevention Tips from the Shelby County Health Department

·        Limit contact with flood water due to potentially elevated levels of contaminants, including raw sewage and other hazardous materials

·        Avoid wading, swimming, playing, or boating in floodwaters. It only takes six inches of moving flood water to carry a person away

·        If you do come into contact with flood water, immediately wash your hands with disinfecting soap

·        Early symptoms from exposure to contaminated flood water may include upset stomach, intestinal problems, headache and other flu-like discomfort – seek immediate medical attention


·        Do not allow pets to walk through or drink flood water

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