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LATEST NEWS: Jan. 5 update on flood stages

shelby logo·        No significant events overnight

·        Fire and law enforcement agencies will go today to more neighborhoods along the Loosahatchie River near Frayser and Big Creek near Woodstock to warn citizens about the high water threat


1.      4100-4200 blocks of North Watkins

2.      Northaven Area-all homes on East Circle Road, South Circle and Horton Road

3.      Mirimichi Golf Course at 6195 Woodstock-Cuba Road



The Mississippi River is above flood stage of 34 Feet


·        Current Mississippi River Level: 37.97 feet

·        Mississippi River Crest:  40.50 feet expected Friday, January 8, 2016



Flood Forecast Maps


·        Go to



Current Conditions in Shelby County


·        All main roads are open

·        No major damage to homes or businesses in Memphis and Shelby County



Damage Estimates


·        No significant damage is expected at homes and businesses based on the estimated 40.5 river crest

·        In low-lying areas, water could spill over roads and into yards



Flood Response Efforts


·        Shelby County Office of Preparedness Emergency Operations Center is open 24 hours

·        Representatives from fire, police, public works, health department and shelter support agencies are staffing the emergency operations center

·        Fire, police and office of preparedness staff continue round-the-clock visits to homes and businesses prone to flooding in these ZIP Code areas:


38053-Woodstock-Millington Area

38103-Downtown Memphis

38105-North Memphis

38106-South Memphis

38107-North Memphis

38108-North Memphis



38127-Frayser, Northaven, Shelby Forest

38128-Frayser and Raleigh


Current High Water Area Threats


1.      Downtown in the Harbor Town neighborhood on Mud Island-Water in yards and outdoor storage areas


·        Island Place East

·        Running River Place

·        River Landing Drive

·        Harbor Isle Circle North

·        Marina Cottage Cove


2.      Unincorporated Shelby County-near the Frayser area-Billion Road at Old Cuba-Benjestown Road-high water is in fields and yards


Closed Roads Due to High Water


·        Second Street between Mud Island drive and the Stiles Treatment Center

·        Island Place East

·        Billion Road at Old Cuba-Benjestown Road

·        Boat ramps at Greenbelt Park  and Shelby Forest



Flood Water Prevention Tips from the Shelby County Health Department


·        Limit contact with flood water due to potentially elevated levels of contaminants, including raw sewage and other hazardous materials


·        Avoid wading, swimming, playing, or boating in floodwaters. It only takes six inches of moving flood water to carry a person away


·        If you do come into contact with flood water, immediately wash your hands with disinfecting soap


·        Early symptoms from exposure to contaminated flood water may include upset stomach, intestinal problems, headache and other flu-like discomfort – seek immediate medical attention


·        Do not allow pets to walk through or drink flood water

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