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Be prepared for snowy and icy weather 2016

Winter Storm Warning 

winter shotThe National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Shelby County.  The warning goes into effect at midnight and continues through 9 p.m. tomorrow.   

“We’re expecting snow and strong winds, which will make driving hazardous. Our staff will be coordinating the response efforts with the Memphis Office of Emergency Management,” said Dale Lane, Director of the Shelby County Office of Preparedness.

Public works crews will treat main roads and give special attention to bridges and overpasses.

This very brief winter storm has the potential to cause lots of problems.  We’ll stay in close contact with the National Weather Service and our emergency services and public works coordinators throughout Shelby County,” said Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell, Jr.

This is the time to check on your neighbors, seniors and especially those who live alone.  Pets should also be brought indoors,” added City of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.

 Plan ahead for driving on snow and ice:

·        Have a full tank of gas

·        Check windshield wipers and the wiper fluid level

·        Make sure defrosters are working

·        Have de-ice spray for car windows, mirrors, headlights and taillights


As you travel:

·        Keep headlights on (even during daylight hours)

·        Drive slowly, especially when crossing bridges and overpasses

·        Use lower gears to increase traction

·        Do not use cruise control

·        Leave  two to three car lengths between you and other motorists

·        If you skid, remove your foot from the accelerator. Turn steering wheel in the direction you want the car to turn

·        Pump the brake pedal gently when you need to stop

·        If you get stuck, clear the snow behind and in front of all four tires and spread sand or kitty litter in front of and behind the drive wheels


If you become stranded:

·        Leave the vehicle if you are dressed for the weather and can walk to an occupied building or home

·        Stay with your vehicle if you are in an isolated area. Hang a distress flag on the vehicle door or antenna 

·        Post a message on the windshield or window.  If snow has not clogged the exhaust pipe, run the vehicle only 10 minutes per hour for warmth

For more winter preparation tips or information about the weather, go to the Shelby County Office of Preparedness website or call (901) 222-6700.

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