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Nutrition with a Mission

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordI am 84 with no doctor. My goal is to share what I’ve learned with those who want to be healthy.   I started writing in newspapers many years ago after college.
These are “Words of Wisdom” from one who has made a health journey to the age 84 without using medical remedies or over–the-counter drugs.
Medical drugs can be used to save a life, but they cannot heal the body.  TV ads warn us of the dangerous side effects of drugs.
Would you like to be able to mow your own lawn at 84?  I am there!  I can still mow two big lawns (the front yard is on a hill) stopping only to add gasoline and rest quickly.  I can still drive; take care of my home mostly myself.
I have plenty of energy and most of the time I sleep well at night, and have no doctor.  I do have a health provider who has helped me on my journey, but she uses only alternative methods.  She saved my life after a divorce; the doctors did not know what to do with the symptoms I had.  It’s been a good, productive life with big pumps to overcome on the way.  Life is not an easy ride; but we’ve been given the courage to overcome every obstacle.
Would you want to look younger than your age?  Do you care about your health and the health of your family enough to study and live a healthy lifestyle with plenty of energy?
One time I traveled 2,000 miles to Phoenix alone to meet my youngest granddaughter I’d never met, of course, that was 26 years ago.  I don’t even like to drive in Memphis now, but I still can do some if I need to.
In l995, I drove two grandchildren on a 4,100 mile trip to California and Colorado.  Do you want to be able to do this as you age?  Do you want to have plenty of energy, be well and feel good when you want to travel?  I used to drive 600 miles in one day to KS.
These things do not just happen!  We have to make a choice; and be willing to spend our money on health instead of electronics!  You can do it.  I worked a part-time job to buy my health products at the beginning.
Save your money; don’t waste it.  Start a savings account now.  “Don’t touch it!”  You will need it when you live this long.  I know!  I put the Lord God first place in my life as a child; I tithed (that’s another story.)  The Lord is my helper to accomplish the things I’ve done.  If you don’t feel good, you can’t accomplish the things the Lord has for you to do.  I’ve written and published two books, cut a CD, teach in prison, etc.
My life has been rich even though my husband left 26 years ago.  Don’t give up!  There’s help!
When health problems show up people get fearful; they put all their trust in the medical world.  Many are on more than one drug.  Years ago I experienced the side effects of a couple of drugs and decided to learn a better way.  At 30, my hands were painful from arthritis—not today.  I read one little booklet and started changing. I changed my ways and our health improved, especially in the children.
I worked with Mother as she aged.  I put her on the products I use.  She was free from pain and even at 97 was active in her flower gardens even though she had a heart problem.  She fell and pulled a ligament in her knee, but it healed.
Amazing!  She had a good start.  She lived on a farm and grew a garden and raised chickens until my father was killed in a car accident.
Most of us have not had the opportunity to live that kind of life; we have to learn how to use what we have.  That is what I’m trying to help you do!  I graduated with honors from the American Academy of Nutrition in 1994-95, a course created for women in the homes.  I have diplomas to prove it and have applied what I learned with my own family.
When I married Bill he had 3 babies; 1, 2, and 4.  I had my work cut out for me.  They were all badly under nourished.  That is where I started learning how to help them, but that’s another story.
I searched and found a way to solve a health problem naturally.  That is what this column is all about.  It was not easy, but here I am 84, healthy, mowing the lawn, slow at aging (my friends tell me I don’t like I’m 84), and I’m not old and wrinkled!  Just ask my neighbors!
I study how to solve health problems all the time; I don’t give up!  It is not an easy job because you can’t maintain your health from a grocery store anymore.  Many of the vitamins and especially the minerals are missing because of the miss use of the land, and Monsanto foods.
Unless you have your own plot of land and take care of it, it is almost impossible.   I am working with a diabetic and his health has improved.
Save these articles in a notebook as I share what I learned; people can have a healthy body with plenty of energy as they age.  I am qualified to counsel, teach nutrition and give examples of what works and I am ready and available.  I’m in the Millington directory.
The immune system will fight any foreign substance you eat; it can cause an unpleasant reaction.  It will not accept just anything as food.  Learn to listen to your body.  Since the body was made from the soil (Genesis 2) we need to be careful what we eat. God didn’t create a (dumpster.)
It is important what we put in our mouths so the immune system can do its work.  P.S. we can “cheat once in awhile, but don’t make it your lifestyle. I learned early that one nutty coconut ice cream cone …cried for another one!  I had to say “NO! and drive on by with it screaming.”   I heard a preacher tell this story.  He became a Christian and the Lord told him to stop smoking.
He’s walking down the street following the smoke.  He said his flesh said “I want a Camel!  He’d say “You can’t have one!”  Finally the voice said, “Can I have a Chesterfield?”  We have habits to break!  But we can do it!
If I have indigestion, I chew a children’s chewable calcium tablet.  However, you may need to solve the problem.  I had to add digestive aids plus HCL tablets to improve my digestion.
I had indigestion for years and discovered I was low in HCL which helps digest meats.   I don’t have much trouble now that I have corrected the problem.  When the toxins in my body were removed, I don’t have colds, etc. any more.
You will go through some unpleasant things as you heal, but as I share my experiences it will help you solve yours.  I like question and answer meetings so I can address specific problems.  I’m available for one on one consultation, or group meetings.  I held a “city wide” seminar “Problems that Concern Women.” I taught 500 Jr. High students in Collierville.  I even spoke at a Cattlemen’s Association and held meetings at many other places in the area.
I have been busy using my life experiences to help others – if they have a desire to do so.
You cannot change a mind-set.   Don’t close your mind to anyone; you just might need the wisdom they have.  “You can’t know yourself by yourself!
Think about this for awhile.  People are more than flesh and blood.   Available for meetings, counseling, etc   call Thelma Ledford 872-3538
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