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Energy & Vitality

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordIt is possible to get energy from junk foods, but not health! You can feel good while you are young, but not be healthy! You can have a full stomach, but be undernourished!
These are the facts that you must know before you can apply wisdom to obtaining optimal health, and a sense of well-being. I do not remember ever being without energy until I had Candida Albicans in l995. I have always been energetic, and when I worked hard I could rest quickly. Have you notice how tired people are these days? They are always talking about being tired?
I joined a church group for a four-day bus trip to North Carolina to visit PTL. Many were younger than me.
They would be tired when they got up and tired when they went to bed. The bus would take them back to the motel in the afternoon to rest, but I never did go. I was not going to spend all my time sleeping. I went there to be alone with the Lord and take part in the broadcasts, and do everything.
They knew that I did not return to the motel to rest, but stayed on the grounds the whole day.  At night they would asked me if I was tired. I said “No.” They kept saying, “I’m so tired!” You see, I caught on! They were genuinely tired because of lack of energy, or they had said “I’m tired” so many times they believed their own words. I never said it! I knew better!
I taught children at a local YWCA. The children’s countenance showed the lack of health.   They looked tired! They had dark circles under their eyes, they were restless, and looked sad. There were about fifteen of them eager to participate. My chart showed them three types of foods for their understanding level.
This is a simple activity to test the quality of your food for a day: Make the activity a family or group affair. Keep a list of everything you eat for the day. Make three columns on a sheet of paper: Terrific Foods! Deceptive Foods! Bad Guys! List the foods each of you ate during the day. Then discuss the results together later. Plan ways to remove and replace foods which add nothing, but cost you money and health.
It is relatively easy to decide which foods to choose. A raw apple is in a natural state, canned apples are not so good, and imitation apple-flavored foods are really bad guys. Fresh vegetables are best, frozen next best, and canned are less desirable. All imitation flavors are bad guys. A raw orange is superior to orange juice; orange drink is the bad guy. In fact, I do not recommend drinking large amounts of fruit juices. Think about it! Compare the sugar in one orange to a cup of juice. In the fresh fruit you get the fiber and all the nutrients unaltered. Do you really believe all the TV ads about juice?  It is time to discover the truth behind the advertising.
Margarine, sad to say is a bad, bad guy! Really bad guy! Here is my recipe for an alternative spread: Into a blender put one cup of “expeller or cold-pressed canola oil” (special kind); and one pound of real butter softened to room temperature. Add slowly until creamy, adjusting the oil as necessary. Pour into small tubs and freeze until ready for use. Use quickly, and return to the frig. It is delicious and spreads better than real butter. Try it! You’ll like it! I had rather eat a real product than an artificial one. Margarine was developed when I was a child during WW II. We would crush the small, colored bead inside the package to color it. All synthetic! One cannot always avoid it, but I do as much as I can.
Children who are treated with antibiotics at an early age can develop many side effects over a period of time. Chronic ear infections and colds, etc. can indicate a lack of vitamins and minerals and show a need for supplementation.
However, most supplements on the market are filled with cold tars and other damaging substances. Synthetics are not recognized as food by the body. The body sees them as foreign invaders. I am with a company that makes an entire line of safe products for the body and home. Their supplements are listed as “food” in the doctor’s PDR. You can’t beat that, can you? Do you need more energy and vitality?
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