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LETTER TO EDITOR: Special day of honors at Millington Elementary School

Dear Editor:

Millington Star DUOTONEA friend asked me if I would attend the Honor’s Program at the Millington Elementary School because she would be unable to attend.
I had never been there. Her daughter attends school there. And it was important to her mother that someone to take her place. She told me how to find the school. I checked in and was given a badge of permission to attend and found my way to a large room which looked like it might be the cafeteria.
I found myself in the most beautiful new school building before the program began. I found a seat close to the front in the middle of the stage so she could see me. I knew she would be looking for me.
Time passed and other groups filed into the room quietly sitting with their own classes. I was very impressed. I had no idea what I was about to see. I had no idea they still had schools like this.
When the awards program began, the students were seated in the room along with the guests. I could tell there was something special about the whole occasion. You could tell the children were loved and cared for by the teachers.
The program began and the students were seated until each group was called forward to go to the platform. As each group was call to the stage they stood quietly as the principal or one in charge called their name and the awards they would be receiving. I sat in awe as the honor certificates were presented to each child.
Character, conducts and extra outside work they had achieved since that last program. Who wouldn’t want to their children to attend such a school as this?
They were awarded for their character, conduct, the self-initiative of each child. Some had read extra books, did extra projects on their own and they were receiving their awards.
It was an exciting event that Millington should be proud of. I commend the city and educators. They portrayed an example of the best education system for this area, and is an example of the kind of education and instruction the children of today should receive.
It reminds me of the time I lived and received my education. Congratulation to all who helped create such an environment for our children’s education.
And for those who care enough to put the needed time to achieve such a great education system. You did a great job.

Thelma Ledford

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