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Good Morning World

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordGood morning! I know your body is feeling better because you ate your protein breakfast  this morning, didn’t you? Surely you gave your body something to supply energy for the day! As a nutritionist, I look at health problems from a different viewpoint than a physician does. I am more concerned about the prevention of disease. The cellular level is where the damage first occurs. It is like the roots of the tree—the roots supply the nourishment for the whole tree. When you see a sick tree, you don’t treat the leaves! You find out what minerals the tree is missing.
The physician looks at one aspect of removing disease. He might ask, “Where do you hurt?”  The spiritual counselor helps the patient to locate and remove emotional problems which can cause disease. He might ask, “Are you angry, or bitter?”
As a nutritionist, I work with foods to improve your diet and to help you remove harmful, empty foods. The first question I would ask is, “What do you eat?” I would probably ask for a three-day-food diary. The new field opening up is the field of “clinical ecology” and they might ask all these questions, but include, “What chemicals are you being exposed to?” This will be a blessing for people who have not yet discovered help with chronic diseases. I have read some amazing case studies.
There is a need to keep an unbiased, open mind when looking at a health solution. The body is complex; at times we need more than one kind of help. There is not just one cause, or solution.  We each are unique as to how our body responds to foods and the environment. I hope we can all work together to help people.
In my own health, I have learned and am still learning how to correct an ailment with methods other than drugs. A drug would be the last resort, not “grabbing a pill;” they only mask the symptom—not cure the problem. If something is wrong, I try and solve the problem naturally. Over the years I have solved, or removed, the problems at least temporarily.
At age thirty, I began to have arthritis symptoms. I removed empty so-called foods, cleaned up my diet, and added nutrients. For years I was free of all pain. As I grew older, I made other adjustments. I used whole apple cider vinegar/honey to aid digestion, and balance acid/alkaline, or pH balance. I still have no arthritis, but I am using MSM and a joint complex to help preserve the connective tissues of the joints. Life does cause lots of wear and tear on the physical body. It is a natural process of aging, but we can slow it down. I am always curious, so I ask questions, study, and strive to keep my body healthy. I try safe alternatives and the results have been high energy, fewer health problems, youthfulness, and shorter duration of the illness. At this age, I can still drive to see my mother, 600 miles away, in one day. I don’t often do that, but in a weather emergency in January, I had to drive straight through.
Since nutrition has been my hobby, it has equipped me to help others. Once I helped a man to lower his blood pressure twenty points in four days, another person in a different way; solved bed-wetting problems in a short time, menstrual cramps in a few hours, prevented the need of braces for one son, ear infections, allergies, leg cramps, and many other things with nutrition. Each person responds differently. With my family it was easier—I did the cooking.
My mission is to make people aware of the alternatives that are available, to warn about lack of nutrients in our food, how to supplement, to avoid pesticides and chemicals in the environment to protect the future generations. Have a great, energetic, healthy day!
Old age is not a matter of years, but a matter of how strong the cells of the body are, and also on the quality of materials from which the cells have made.

You can’t eat the way you want to,
You can’t live on cakes and pies,
You can’t drink cokes and eat pizzas,
Have a healthy body, too!

You need vitamins and minerals,
Proteins, carbohydrates, too,
You need fruits and vegetables,
Nuts and seeds and wholesome grains!

Don’t be fooled by your own taste buds; you’ll be sorry if you do,
You’ll be sick and weak and weary,
Sad, depressed and feeling blue!

Supplement the foods you do eat,
Build your bodies every day,
You will reap whatever you sow,
Trust good sense to know the way!

Don’t be deceived by advertising;
Caught in the traps of industry.
Let’s go back to nature’s basics,
Eat good foods and live long lives!
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