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The Choice is Ours

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordExcerpts by Diana Schwarzbein, M.D. of Santa Barbara, California: “Take conventional wisdom from women’s magazines to the ADA, compare it to what really happens in your body and decide for yourselves.” Suzanne Somers’ Book “Get Skinny On Fabulous Food.”
Who is right?  Eating fat makes your cholesterol rise, and puts you in heart attack country.  Or, the high insulin levels created by a high-carobs, low-fat diet cause plaque to be deposited in your arteries. Build enough plaque and you’ve built a heart attack. Eating fats and cholesterol lowers insulin levels and switches off the body’s production of cholesterol, protecting you from heart attacks.
Who is right?  Risk of high blood pressure is increased by eating fat. Or, insulin is the real culprit. Without fat, insulin levels rise higher in the blood, which leads to other factors that cause high blood pressure.
Who is right?  The low-fat, high carobs diet for diabetics make patients healthier. Or, Type II diabetics are insulin resistant. Eating a low-fat, high-carobs diet increases their insulin resistance.  Patients get better on a balanced plan of protein, fats,  veggies, and limited carobs.
Who is right?  A low-fat diet prevents cancer. A high-fat diet causes cancer. Or, cancer cells grow best where insulin levels are high, just the climate created by them. Dietary fat increases a healthy immune system and gives the body key components to fight cancer cells. I have shown you both extremes. Even the professionals disagree. Here we are faced with two schools of thought.  Ultimately, we each must decide for ourselves. It is confusing and we tend to just give up. If we listen to what we already know we will be right most of the time. I hear it all the time. “I know I shouldn’t but…!”
Who is right about eggs? Years ago there was the big scare about eggs. Later, it came out that eggs were not so bad. Who is right? Butter is bad! Is it? What is margarine? How is it made?  What about the source of raw materials? Who is right? The question now before us is which of the margarines are better? Sounds like a media advertisement, doesn’t it? I’d rather take a chance on the cow. Mix one cup expeller pressed oil with a pound of butter. It is delicious!
Have you noticed few people ever mention sugar? Read the labels! Most foods are loaded with sugar—white sugar is a chemical. It lowers the immune system, stimulates an overproduction of insulin, and stores it as fat. The industry knows how to appease our taste buds, don’t they? A person can get plenty of sugar without ever eating sugar itself. Amazing!  .
When talking about a healthy heart, do you hear the mention of sugar? But fat, eggs, and   butter are always under attack. Very little is mentioned about sugar. I have quite a story to tell later, but I will give you just a little of it now. In l995, I had a disease that could not be diagnosed by the medical world. I found a nutritionist who discovered the root problem, and had to remove “all” sugars. I would never have gotten well if I had not followed her advice. In fact, when I ate sugar I felt better temporarily. An emotional crisis did the same damage as sugar by lowering my immune system. So, to conclude, ultimately the choice is ours. Sink or swim, live or die, I make my own choices, and live with the consequences of those choices. Everyone does. We can’t blame the media, or manufacturers. Just don’t buy the stuff that hurts you.
Who is right?  Even the professionals do not agree. I believe you are smart enough to think for yourself concerning the foods that you should eat. Use common sense and discipline. Who are you going to believe? The choice is yours!
Recommended reading:  Suzanne Somers’ Books and “The Schwarzbein Principle,” by Diana Schwarzbein, M.D.
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