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PROGRESS ’16: Boatwright’s human touch and high-tech approach continues to service Millington

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Boatwright 1 Boatwright 2 Boatwright 3For nearly 60 years in operation, Boatwright Pharmacy in Millington has stayed on the cutting edge of technology.
From pill dispensing machines to the renovation of the gift shop area, Boatwright has keep a fresh look, quality products and top-notch care of patients. The latest arrival to the Boatwright Pharmacy family is the Parata Pass 500.
“The machine has cartridges in it that hold pills,” Boatwright Certified Pharmacy Tech Janet Hayes said. “It will take the plastic (a roll of plastic is in there) takes everything and puts it in a pouch. Prints what the medications are on there, the patient’s name and all the pertinent information on there. It just wraps its up and spits it out.”
The Parata Pass 500 arrived to Boatwright almost 2 years ago and is located in the pharmacist lab. Hayes was joined by fellow CPT Jessica House organizing pills for the Parata.
“It helps us because it cuts down on mistakes and does a majority of the work,” Hayes said. “It helps to keep our patients compliant on their medication. It can package it for a month at a time. They have a start date and a stop date.
“Therefore we have healthier patients, doctors are happy and insurance companies are happy — everybody is happy,” she added.
All a patient has to do is rip open the plastic package with the information printed on the outside by the machine. The patient follows the direction on the label and take the medication that was placed inside the package by the proper amount.
The CPTs are now enjoying the benefits of the Parata Pass 500 after a learning process. Hayes said now the machine is a part of the traditional top-notch care and service Boatwright provides for its customers.
“It will help our work flow,” she said. “If we have patients who are sync up with their medication we can all do it at one time. It keeps us up with the dates.
“We know when our patients are coming in,” Hayes concluded. “We know when their prescription are being filled. We know when to schedule the proper staff. So it keeps our work flow going and running efficient for our customers.”
Boatwright is located at 7899 C Street in Millington. Follow Boatwright on Facebook and Twitter and for more information, call 872-2214.

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