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Trump lands in Millington

Trump in Millington Trump in Millington1By Thomas Sellers Jr.

With their “Make America Great Again” signs in hands, buttons with the name Trump and patriotic colors, thousands cheered in the Millington Regional Jetport Hanger as the man of the hour arrived.
As the sun was setting in the Millington sky Saturday evening, Donald Trump, accompanied by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stepped off Trump’s private plane to walk toward the podium.
That very same podium previous had locals like Tipton-Rosemark Academy Fine Arts Director Lalania Vaughn and Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland step to the microphone.
Vaughn song the National Anthem and Roland spoke to the crowd.
It was almost time for Trump to take the microphone. But before the Republican presidential hopeful spoke, Christie introduced the man who he endorsed last week.
Trump took to the podium to a loud applause and chanting of his name. The longtime businessman spoke about the primaries in Tennessee and encouraged people to get out and vote on Super Tuesday.
He also noted his business history and why he will be the ideal person to be the next President of the United States of America.
As Trump was speaking, several Mid-South residents were still arriving to the Hanger to either hear a portion of his speech or get a glimpse of the business mogul, reality TV star, former professional sports franchise owner and real estate icon.


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