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No Hidden Kam

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Kam Middleton Cumberland logo Kam Middleton in the field Kam Middleton signingHe was listed on the Millington Trojan Football roster as a defensive back.
On any given Friday night, Kameron Middleton could be spotted anywhere on the field. Sometimes he was upright in the defensive backfield as a safety.
He would gravitate toward a linebacker spot as either the middle or outside attacker. Once he was need to place his hand in the grass on the defensive line.
Head Coach Chris Michaels sometimes employed Middleton to play offense as a wide receiver or on the offensive line blocking on the edge.
“He wasn’t always the biggest kid on our team,” Michaels recalled. “He wasn’t always the fastest kid on our team. He wasn’t always the strongest. He might not have been the most talented. But what Kam was for us every year, he was the most dependable.
“That kid was smart and had a great name for the game,” he added. “He could be put anywhere in any situation and execute out there. He would make you look good as a coach.”
On April 5 Middleton made the Millington Football program, Millington Central High School and family look good by signing his national letter of intent to play at The University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky.
“It’s a blessing that I’ve been working for since my freshman year,” Middleton said. “Trying to get onto the next level and better myself in my education while having fun playing ball.
“I feel like I made everybody in my family proud getting to next level,” he added.
Several of Middleton’s family members attended the signing in the MCHS Library including his grandparents Brenda and Mitchell Middleton and parents Shannon and Fredrick Donelson.
“He’s very honorable and respectful,” Fredrick said. “He’s just been the perfect kid. Anything I ask him to do, he does. He’s just been perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better son. I’m just proud of him. He’s taking another step in his life and we’re going to be right there with him.”
Since Middleton was young he played sports. He started playing baseball at the 4 years old and he picked up football 5 years later.
Trojan Athletics benefited from Middleton’s passion for both sports as he is currently a starting outfielder for Head Coach Zane Adams’ Trojan Baseball squad.
With a solid grade-point average and being active in the school, Middleton was selected as a member of the Class of 2016 MCHS Hall of Fame.
“We started him off small and he loved football,” Shannon said. “He has gone above and beyond ever since he’s been in school. His academics and talent, I know he’ll go far. I knew he could far. I’m just so proud of him. I’m so glad his decisions have been a lot of the right ones and not the wrong ones. There are a lot of kids out there who make a lot of the wrong ones and make mistakes. I thank God for leading him the right way.”
Middleton’s next direction will be in Kentucky playing for Patriots in the Mid-South Conference of the NAIA. While in Williamsburg, Middleton will be guided by Head Coach Matt Rhymer.
Michaels has had the privilege of coaching Middleton the past four years.
“He’s a little bit undersize,” Michaels noted. “He played some linebacker for us. He played some free safety for us. He played a little bit of everywhere. That’s the mark of a great high school player. He’s versatile. On top of that, he’s team-first in the ultimate team sport football. You can never think about yourself.
“And he was always putting the team first,” he added. “It’s rewarding to see him sign because he’s such a good student. He’s done everything right in the classroom. He’s never been in any trouble on this campus. He always been a leader, the type of kid you want as a figure in your program and representative of your program. It’s great to see him get a chance.”
Middleton said with his support system behind him and carrying on the legacy of the Middleton name as motivation, he is ready to become a Patriot.
“Once I put my mind to something, I can’t let anybody beat me in it,” he said. “I want to be the best at my position and everything I do. I’m the type of person, I just want to win. I would play O-line, D-line, center, quarterback whatever you need me to play. I just want to get the W.
“(My family) they pushed me throughout my four years of high school to be better and get my grades right to get to this point right here. So all thanks goes to them,” he concluded.
Fredrick with the move to The University of the Cumberlands in the near future, the same support system will be in place to make sure Kameron’s foundation is solid.
“It’s been his mother, grandparents and me pushing him to be the best,” he concluded. “When he was little, we let him know you give 100 percent and be your best. It pays off. And today is just one of the pay offs for him.”

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