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Strength in the numbers

By Tom Itterly

millington star flag-1EDITOR’S NOTE: Local trainer and veteran Thomas Itterly will compete in a powerlifting event April 30. Itterly will be going for a world-record for his age group during the day.
Amplification means to strengthen or make stronger to develop more fully.
You must increase your strength and add more muscle to rejuvenate your body. We face a major problem today — weakness. From muscle loss, our bodies are losing vast amounts of muscle and strength everyday.
Most people either don’t know this, don’t care or don’t know how to fix this problem. We naturally grow bigger and stronger when we all went through puberty. But it all stopped at around the age of 20. We now must strength train or continually get weaker. The vast majority of us do not strength train so you keep getting weaker even when you exercise.
That’s right! Just because you exercise does not mean you’re building muscle and getting stronger. The vast majority of people exercising are only doing cardio based training. Meaning they are only working on the heart and lungs.
We are now scale watchers, not strength watchers. To increase our strength and add new muscle you must have muscle break down in order to have muscle build up, otherwise we experience muscle atrophy.
As we continually lose more muscle, strength and testosterone, we speed up the aging process and aches and pains settle in our back, shoulders, knees and other joints.
Arthritis and osteoporosis and other body disorders quickly follow. We must rejuvenate our bodies and strength training is the only way. It all starts from the inside. As we age our bodies slow down as we lose more and more strength and muscle. As we continue to go thru the aging process we find we are gaining weight.
This is simple caused by muscle loss and a slower metabolism caused by the muscle loss. This continues to just get worse as we age lose more muscle.
What do we do? Diet?
This does not work. How many times have you dieted only to gain all your weight back plus more/ Besides its not about your weight, its how you look with it.
Remember muscle weights more than fat and each pound you lose is 70 percent fat and 30 percent muscle.
Muscle does not look good on the scale, but it sure does in a mirror. We lose muscle and strength as we age and this is only multiplied when we diet and lose weight. Lose fat not muscle (muscle comes back only by strength training). Fat comes back naturally.
Our fitness programs are now all cardio based, like running, walking, skipping, jumping, bending, etc. and light weight training. This is because strength training breaks muscles down. Cardio training does not.
So burning calories stops immediately with cardio. Strength training burns much more fat and calories. I want to empower and inspire you to start real strength training today.
Its never to late and you never too old to strength train.
I’m a Marine and a professional strength coach at 63 years old. I have trained thousands in my 40 plus years of strength training. I’m a competitive powerlifter with many trophies, awards and testimonies. I’ve set many state and national records. And I’m not stopping. I’m not working on the world record. I’m an all-raw, meaning a non-equipped) lifter. All natural means no drugs and I have never used steroids or other drugs. I’m stronger now than I was in my 20s and 30s.
I specialize in the bench press and plan on lifting 400 pounds at the NBS Gym this Saturday in Memphis. Come out and support us as we do our best.
Thomas Itterly can be reached at 336-2077 or e-mail
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