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Hard work and encouragement help Brittany Wright become 2016 MCHS Salutatorian

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Brittany Wright fade Brittany Wright 2Cadet, actress, honor student and animal enthusiast are just some of the titles on Brittany Wright’s Millington Central High School resume’.
Wright’s latest addition to her high school list of success is 2016 MCHS Co-Salutatorian. Along side her fellow Salutatorian Ashton Smith and 2016 MCHS Valedictorian Chelsea Landis, Wright will share the stage May 19 on the Millington Football Field as the top in academia for MCHS.
“I’m really proud of myself for achieving this,” Wright said. “I always thought I would be No. 3. But now I’m Salutatorian. I’m a little excited but I’m also very nervous. I don’t have good public speaking skills.”
As her speech approaches, Wright took a moment to reflect on the skills that brought her so much success at MCHS.
“I’m a prominent member of the NJROTC Color Guard to were I do many different events,” she noted. “I’ve been a part of every show for the past four years. I’ve either been on stage or backstage.
“We’re supposed to do two a year with one being a musical and the other a traditional play. Last year Shrek took so much of our time. It was a big production.”
That production allowed Wright to shine behind the scenes and in front of the audience.
“I was on stage as a white rabbit which is funny because the movie Shrek doesn’t have a white rabbit,” she said. “I did get speaking lines. Since it was as musical, I got to sing with everybody else.”
Singing with her cast mates is just one of the many memories Wright created in theater. She said she’ll miss the long rehearsals accompanied by some goofing around.
Wright noted the best feeling in theater was when the final curtain closed on a production.
“The feeling of not having to worry about the show anymore,” she said. “A show is a really stressful thing. And I also enjoy Cadet Ball. It’s something we do every year for ROTC. And we’ve gone Midnight Bowling after Cadet Ball.”
Wright’s wore her ROTC uniform on Wednesdays and through the years she collected multiple honors and ribbons.
Wright was an active member of the ROTC as a familiar face on the Color Guard at MCHS sporting events and marching in the Millington Christmas and Veterans’ Day parades.
In addition to ROTC and theater, Wright was involved in the community with Navy Base Trail cleanup, Munford Food Drive, Special Olympics, Woodstock Cuba Saddle Club Arena painting and more.
Meanwhile she manage to maintain superior grades winning the AP Scholar Award, Scholastic Excellence Award and Daughter of the American Colonies Award.
The daughter of Joseph Wright and Tonya Turner plans to attend The University of Tennessee at Knoxville to major in Veterinarian Medicine and Animal Sciences.
“I plan to work with big animals or zoo animals,” she said. “I’ve always loved animals and my mother was a veterinarian. My grandmother had a horse ranch. We’ve always had dogs. I had a couple of cats. We had horses. We even had a few snakes, hedgehogs, chinchillas and we had a chipmunk. We had a bunch of pigs, chickens and even a baby skunk.”
Growing up with a love of animals, Wright said she experienced a special love from her grandmother Terrie Love. Her example of strength, intelligence and sage sayings guided her granddaughter to overachieve.
“She’s always there for me,” Wright said. “She’s always putting stuff into my head. She’s the kind of person who likes to enjoy where she is. So do I.”
Although she’s not a fan of the whole public speaking part, Wright will enjoy her rightful spot on the stage among three brilliant young women.
“Of course in the past there has been a lot of unequal representation between men and women,” she concluded. “Me being a woman and being a part of the top 3 who are all women is a really proud moment.”

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