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Lady Trojan senior picks time on court over D-I red shirt

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Glenda Garner Southwest LogoThe Garner name has been relevant to Millington Trojan Athletics for several years.
From coaching to playing, the family has contributed to the success of the black and gold. The latest has been Glenda Garner. From being named All-District in Class 2A and 3A in basketball, Glenda has established herself as one of the best Lady Trojan post players in recent history.
With Division I and four-year college offers on the table, Garner made a decision last month to sign with the Southwest Tennessee Lady Saluqis and veteran Head Coach Andrea Martre.
“My decision of going to Southwest was for me to get better,” Garner said. “I felt like D-I schools wanted to sit me on the bench instead of taking the time out to coach me and improve me as player. I felt like I didn’t want to sit out. I want to keep on playing in order to get better. I think it’s a great choice for Glenda.”
Marte made a vow at Garner’s signing ceremony last month in the Millington Central High School Library to make her a better player.
“By November you won’t recognize Glenda,” she said. “If she commits to the program and the process of getting better, I guarantee you will see a brand new Glenda. She has so much potential and we have a need for her in the post.”
For 20 seasons, Martre has led the Lady Saluqis to more than 300 victories and guided numerous players to the next level including the WNBA’s Ashley Shields.
Some of Marte’s other notable players over the years were All-Americans Myquita Mackey, Amie Williams, Candace Rucker, Starkitsha Luellen, Kiana James and Shields; Academic All-American Torre Thomas and former Lady Trojan great Michelle Malone.
Garner adds her name to a recent list of Millington Lady Trojans to reach the next level like Michelle Malone, who played for Martre in the mid 2000s.
Garner’s older brother Tyrell was a standout for Millington Football at running back and linebacker in the late 2000s.  Tyrell along aside parents Glen and Brenda watched Glenda shine on the hardwood for four seasons.
“I’ve seen her come a long way,” Glen said. “At one point she really couldn’t dribble a basketball down the floor. Hopefully she will definitely make it to the next level. It’s going to take hard work and her being smart. She must keep those grades up.”
Brenda said coaches like Lady Trojan Head Coach Bruce Marshall and drills with big brother Tyrell helped Glenda progress in basketball.
“She couldn’t really dribble at first,” she recalled. “Then we took her to a summer camp. So she has become strong in a lot of way. She’s become a strong leader.”
Marshall said the raw talent of Glenda transformed into a skilled player who became a leader off the court.
“She’s really matured a lot as a player and a person on the court,” he said. “She was pretty emotional as a freshman and sophomore. Starting in her junior year, she started to take on more positive leadership. She tried to be as good of a teammate as she could be while still trying to help us be as successful.
“When we run some stuff for her late in a ball game, she would come through for us a lot of the time,” Marshall continued. “But even Steph Curry doesn’t always come through. Even though folks thinks he does. She was not afraid to take the big shot. That says a lot about her as a player, not to be afraid to step up to be that player.”
Marshall said under the guidance of Martre, if Garner applies herself like she has in the past, she will reach the next level.
“Playing for Coach Martre at Southwest, she will continue to help her grow as a player and as a person,” he said. “To were she’ll have an opportunity after her two years are up there to go on and play at another university. She’ll have some choices.”
Garner said her recent choice was made to open more doors for herself down the line.
“I feel like they have time for me,” she said. “It’s not a player they can just get off the bench. They need a player and I’m there to be that player for her.”
With her signing to Southwest, Glenda has cemented her legacy in the family and in the forklore of Millington Girls’ Basketball.
“It feels like a weight has been lifted,” Glenda concluded. “Playing with them past great players and seeing some of them play I always wanted to be like them. For me to be up there with them, I feel it is like a blessing.”

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