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The Importance of Water

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats Ledford“I don’t drink water!” “I don’t like water! Sad state of affairs, wouldn’t you say? But, I actually hear these statements.
Who says we have to “like” something to do it? Just do it! If we didn’t substitute soft drinks, teas, coffee, fruit juices, and other liquids we would all be dead.
We can do without food longer than we can do without water.
Now, each of us is responsible for the application of this truth! ~ And, the truth about water is that we “must” have at least 6-8 glasses every day—not sodas! About 55-60 percent of an adult’s body weight is water. Both minerals and water are classified as “inorganic nutrients.” The organic nutrients are: Carbohydrate, fat, protein, and vitamins. (Understanding Nutrition, Fifth Edition, pg. 3)
A child’s body has an even a greater percentage of water than an adult’s. You must remind him to drink water, because he can get busy playing outside and forget, and can become dehydrated because of loss of fluids. Adults can be busy and neglect drinking water; it is not readily available.  We all have to make a conscious effort to remember to drink plenty of pure water. Carry some with you. Our body has trillions of cells which float around in fluids. The minerals and other nutrients have to be in a soluble solution to meet the cell’s needs.  Get the picture?
For example: the ocean is a fluid that nourishes cells. Think about it! The cells float around in water—lots of it! The body’s water cannot be considered separately from the minerals dissolved in it.
One can drink pure water, but in the body that water mingles with minerals to become fluids in which all life processes take place. The minerals need water to be dissolved and carried through the arteries, capillaries, and veins. Cells are nourished, and waste is removed. Cells are surrounded by fluids. Get real mental images of cells floating in soft drinks, tea, and coffee!
Somehow we live like the body will take care of itself. That because the body is feeling healthy and energetic at the moment, or because we are young, that “all is well!” I once heard a nurse say that every person who is admitted into the hospital is “dehydrated.” What about the waste products generated by the metabolic processes? The people are not just dehydrated they are toxic because the waste could not be removed from the body.
It is stored in the liver, kidneys, and lymph glands. When all the storage areas are filled we become a toxic landfill, don’t we?
This is because there is not enough water to flush them out. We need to drink a certain amount of water each day to keep our body clean. A bath cleans the outside, and drinking water bathes the inside.
Life is always active. The rebuilding processes go on constantly. The body fluids provide the medium in which all of the cells’ chemical reactions take place; the fluids participate in many of these reactions and supply the means for transporting vital materials to cells. Every cell is bathed in a fluid of the exact composition that is best for it. Feeding cells and removing toxic wastes keeps us healthy and alive.
Our body is an efficient, electrical, energy generator. It works constantly to keep us alive.
Think about it! Our body generates its own energy from the foods we eat, builds the transmitter hormones, transports the nutrients to build and repair our cells, and carries away the waste products.  The human body was designed by God to live forever, but Adam messed that up.
And, of course, we are not skillful enough to even maintain it properly. We do harm to our body by what we eat, drink, our unhealthy lifestyles, our lack of rest and exercise, and our negative attitudes, words, and actions.
Aren’t we truly “fearfully and wonderfully made?” God’s finest creation! The human body is masterpiece! We carry “life!” Take care of it! It is the only body you’ll ever have.
The cells must have water to float around in so the body needs lots of it to help remove all the toxins. What we living in today is like living in a “chemical soup.” There is no way to avoid all of them.
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