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2016 GRAD PROFILE: No one is better than Detter

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

erin detter graphci Erin Detter FadeFirst in her class and maybe Erin Detter was first in school history to reach the State Wrestling Tournament for girls.
Before graduating this past Friday, Detter was reflecting on her time at Munford High School. The daughter of Robert Detter and Isabelle Rico was involved in her studies, sports and clubs like HOSEA and FFA.
“I feel like it went pretty good,” she said. “I definitely felt like it was a learning experience and growing up. I learn time management. It was a lot of growing up looking back on freshman year.”
Her freshman year Detter was a part of the Munford Track and Soccer teams. She stuck with soccer all four years winning the 2015 District 13-3A championship.
By her side through the four years of Lady Cougar Soccer was teammate/classmate Emily Montgomery. Detter and Montgomery finished No. 1 and No. 2 in the Class of 2016 rankings. The duo made a decision their junior year to tryout for wrestling.
“We were just joking around with each other thinking it would be cool if tried it,” Detter recorded. “We went to practice and just stuck with it.
“It was fun but it was challenging,” she added. “I felt we held each other accountable. Neither one of us were going to quit. And we’ve had a rivalry since middle school. It’s good competition. We’re friends. But at the end of the day, you can’t let the other one get one up on you.”
Their friendly competition on the mat and in the classroom pushed for students to excel. Detter achieved being valedictorian and a State qualifier in wrestling.
With so much dedication to sports, clubs and student life, Detter made some sacrifices to keep her grades up.
“Lot of all-nighters,” she said. “Plus I just think it’s a gift. I’m good at remembering things.”
Detter didn’t want wrestling and soccer to be a memory as she headed off to college. So she picked MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy.
“I keep improving and I feel I can keep on getting better at the sport,” she said. “And after going to State and seeing how good people are there, it made me want to keep striving to get better.”
Detter leaves Munford High School as a student who strive for excellence and reached some new heights. Now as she prepares for the future, she hopes that trend continues.
“I just want to make sure I’m a good person,” she concluded. “I’m trying to live for the Lord everyday. I just want to be a good person overall. I hope a successful career comes out of it.”

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