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My Journey to Recovery

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordWhile writing I was wondering why I never have much daytime. It is time to go to bed when I get started. “Thelma,” I said to myself, “It could be because you sleep too late!”  Well, maybe that is so, but for a long time I had problems sleeping. Now, I am excited to be able to sleep well and even dream. Did you know that dreaming is good for you? It has been a long and difficult journey since those first days of the discovery of Candida Albicans. And expensive, I might add! But, it has been worth all the effort to have renewed energy and restful nights. Here is my testimony! A personal testimony is a good thing. One can say, “If they can do that, so can I!” A testimony challenges me more than anything I know. If it works for them, it will work for me.
A very painful divorce caused me to have a dreadful, immune system breakdown. If you think emotions have nothing to do with health, think again! As strong and determined as I was to not let the pain of this divorce get to me, the cause was my emotions.  Proverbs talks about a “merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” The opposite works, too. I acted the part of being all right, but I was not—inside!
I had busied myself by starting a small business in my home, participating in a creative writing class, taking an intensive course in nutrition, writing a weekly newspaper column, teaching, traveling, and enjoying my two “summer” children. The stress took its toll below the surface in the cellular levels of my body. In l994, just before traveling to California with my grandchildren, a 4,300 miles trip, I began to notice some alarming symptoms. One was that of Lupus—a butterfly rash on my cheek. On top of that I got into poison ivy—the most severe case I had ever had. This was another indication of a low immune system. We made the exciting trip with prayer, and lots of supplements.
I had sought medical help for the terrible bitterness in my mouth and the pain in my stomach, but to no avail. The doctor started to prescribe medication, and I refused them. I said, “You haven’t discovered the problem!” I learned about a nutritionist in another state. She did a saliva and urine test and the root cause was diagnosed as Candida Albicans, which I call “the missing diagnosis.” I addressed this in separate article because of its importance.
I knew the use of pharmaceutical drugs could cause this disease, but I had not been using them. I knew that stress and negative emotions were dangerous, but I thought I had control of them; the stress of the divorce had done its damage. The test results arrived, and we had a telephone consultation to explain my next twelve weeks of discipline and deprivation treatment. For weeks I had to work to find foods that I could eat.  Most foods contain “sugar,” and sugar was my enemy. I read labels carefully.
The adrenals were burning up. I could not go to sleep, nor slow down. A dormant virus showed up, old poison in my brain (she did not know I used to strip furniture), but I had no toxic metals or pesticides. The twelve-week program was expensive and difficult, but I was determined to get well, and made the sacrifice.
Extremely high intakes of whole food supplements (not OTC) were given to boost the immune system along with herbs and other products to deal with the poison and virus.  I was given a dietary sheet of foods to avoid, sugar being the main one. Sugar feeds Candida.
A special homeopathic remedy was designed for me along with herbs and with special instructions.  It was an extremely, difficult and strict regime, and it took much courage and determination to follow it. The overactive adrenal gland caused my energy level to be even lower.
After twelve weeks I was tested again and she was amazed at my progress. This test showed that the poisons that had been in the brain and lungs were gone, and also the virus; all systems were beginning to renew themselves. Remember! Candida releases seventy toxins into every organ of the body.  My body was healing itself.
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