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Alternative Health Care

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordWe will begin to discuss other ways to gain and maintain health without having to use pharmaceutical drugs. Alternative methods are not new to me.
This is what I have been doing for over forty-eight years. It is not some off-the-wall approach. It does not mean that one should completely avoid the medical world. It does not mean that one should be gullible and use any product, or method, in the world today. Use some common sense. We should not believe everything that is said about health by the media, advertisers, medical world, books, or friends. As we gather information, we will “know” what stuff is good, practical, and useful when we hear it.
The public has been asking questions and seeking alternatives. Conventional methods are not producing the desired results. People are becoming involved and much progress is being made, even with the serious health problems facing us. Today we hear testimonies of people being healed from cancer and heart disease with alternative methods. Make yourself aware of the importance of helping yourself.
When we speak about health alternatives, we mean that a person becomes involved in his own healthcare. He pays attention to his own body’s needs and asks questions about the dangers of the medications prescribed—not just taking a medication.
He gets second opinions and seeks for all the available information about alternatives. As I began to take charge of my own health I looked for ways to overcome health problems without the use of drugs by reading nutrition books. I found lots of helpful information. Some of the things were too wild for me. They might work, but I am practical.
The first step to alternative health care is with the foods needed to supply the body with its basic requirements. I began by changing the menus. Simple, you think, but not as simple as you might think.
Recipes, taste buds, and digestive systems do not change all at once. We have developed habits from our past. Being the head of the “kitchen,” I could begin to change slowly as our budget would allow. We exchanged white, processed flour for stone ground whole wheat flour. I used whole grain cornmeal, used less sugar, and processed foods when possible.
As I continued to study, I realized that we were not meeting our daily nutrient requirements, because of our food sources.  Next, I studied vitamins and minerals, and started using a basic supplemental program—slowly.
Many times I used a whole food supplement in the form of a natural food. For example: Brewer’s yeast is a great source of the whole B-complex family which is needed daily, and I used dolomite limestone for a good balance of calcium and magnesium, but there is not a safe source of dolomite today. I recall how my children hated their “daily drink” of pineapple juice with brewer’s yeast and dolomite limestone. From their symptoms, I knew they were very deficient in calcium and magnesium. These supplements calmed the boys down, and solved the problems of: nail-biting, twitches, and bed-wetting—I was sold on nutrition.
This was a time of experimenting with all kinds of products. I did not know there was a need to check the products at that time, but I used what we could afford.
Start where you are and simply substitute better foods. This should be the first step for anyone desiring better health.
Stay simple; as with anything new, we start in first grade and progress. You will be amazed at your increased energy and stamina after a short time. This is what I call a health “alternative.” It is realistic! It takes time and effort. If you miss one day, go back and start again—and again. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. We do this in everything else. Why not in health? The next step was vitamin-mineral supplementation. When I started my adventure, I had no idea what I needed. Natural foods and whole food supplement will be your first line alternatives.
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