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Attention Deficit Disorder

By Thelma Ledford
Good Eats LedfordAttention Deficit Disorders do not just happen. There is a cause. Hyperactive children go through emotional counseling and are placed on drugs. Have you ever thought that it might be the food they are eating, or not eating? Or, the chemicals they are being exposed to in the home, in the school, or on the lawns? Or, have they been using antibiotics or anything that weakens the immune system? From birth children are daily exposed to all kinds of chemicals in their food, water, and air.  They are growing. They are consuming more food per pound of body weight than an adult, and their immune system is not fully developed; therefore the toxins are more damaging to them.
Has anyone asked you these questions?
What does the child eat?
Or, is the child playing on lawns where pesticides have been sprayed?
What are you putting in the bath water, the washer, the dryer?
Is he exposed to perfumes and strong odors?  What soaps are you using?”
To what chemicals is he being exposed daily?
Has he been on lots of antibiotics?
Could his immune system be so impaired that he is not able to tolerate things other people do?
Is he undernourished? I did not say “Is he eating enough?”  Undernourished means his body   is not getting the nutrients it needs to maintain wellness. You can have a full stomach and still be undernourished.
These are some of the first questions I ask people when I am counseling them. The problem is not a quick fix. Here is where one Mother’s search ended. The child was so bad he would climb upon the cabinet, dump the cereal out of the boxes, and stomp on it. Finally she discovered it was the cleaning products she was using. After finding an alternative he seemed to recover until she decided to use up the last bit of the products—He acted the same way again.
Excerpt from “Poisoning Our Children” by Nancy Sokol Green:
“Recently, a healthy diet was the focus of a most unusual sentence for a young man in Britain who had numerous convictions for burglary. In lieu of a jail sentence, the seventeen-year-old was given the alternative of replacing his junk food diet with healthier food (whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fruit) and taking a multivitamin and zinc. Weeks later, the boy was described as turning from a compulsive delinquent into a model citizen.” Think of it??? The youth’s unusual sentence is a part of a radical idea used in Cumbria (northwest England) where the magistrates in juvenile courts have agreed to test the theory that antisocial behavior may be triggered by diet and toxins in the environment.”
Some of their underlying problems may be: Hypoglycemia, food allergies, and Candida infections. Removing disastrous foods, esp. white sugar, saliylates in artificial colors and flavors, grapes, tomatoes, almonds, aspirin, dried fruits and other children’s medication; Caffeine in sodas, coffee, chocolate, etc, processed foods which contain hidden sugars, chemicals, preservatives, and altered fats. Simply remove environmental toxins in cleaning and laundry products and from the environment, and clean up the diet, and supplement with safe products—no more chemicals. I have personally seen the results in the behavior of young children, and when the diets were improved, their social behavior changed dramatically. Do you know an A.D.D. person?

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