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By Thelma Ledford
Good Eats LedfordMy testimony is not over yet; I have left out one very important thing. One of the greatest misunderstandings and confusion in the field of nutrition is the failure to properly understand and interpret the symptoms and changes which follow the process of recovering health. One would normally assume that you would just get better, but that is usually not the case. I even looked sicker and lost weight until I was thoroughly cleansed and well.
Remember I was discovered to have Candida Albicans which is an overgrowth of yeast. The yeast had damaged my immune system, which released over seventy toxins to all the organs in the body. Do you think that when I started the program that I had no side effects?  Guess again!  The nutritionist who helped me knew that I had to start gradually. The yeast had to be destroyed, but the immune system had to be strengthened.
For two weeks I started with a large amount of nutrients for my immune support, but small amounts of remedy, or yeast killers. Yeast has to have sugar to live and let me know it by causing pain in my stomach. A little sugar would have stopped the pain for awhile so I had to cut off all sugars—I mean all!  I checked for sugar in everything I ate—if it was listed four levels deep, it was not used. Plus, I had added “yeast killers.” Do you get the picture?  There was a war going on in my body and the yeast was crying for sugar—yeast was dying. My body was trying to remove the poisons as the yeast died, and the rebuilding was going on at the same time. I felt tired and sluggish, emotionally and physically. I needed lots of rest.
The pain got more intense. So intense, that I was concerned, and I called my nutritionist who explained what was happening. I had been in alternative health a long time, therefore I had some experience. I knew how to detoxify my body within two hours, and the pain would leave for awhile.  Later someone told me they had to go to the hospital when they were dealing with yeast like this.  The process was a surprise to me. I gradually had less and less pain during the first twelve weeks.  It was not a fun thing! Candida Albicans is a serious condition—it can kill you. When I began to improve I was told that I had been a very sick lady.
Now you might say you would not go through this! Then, you would never enjoy the good results that I have today. I really got an education. There are many people who are continually sick with unexplained symptoms. This is the first thing to expect if you have any of those strange new diseases on the market today. “Think my immune system!” “Think yeast!” It could possibly be the root cause. When the yeast is cleared up you might be surprised. This is a disease of our modern society and hard to diagnose, therefore, if you have any of these diseases read the book called, “The Yeast Connection” by William Crook.
It is not easy to expose my personal, intimate experience to the public, but if it could help someone, it will have been worth it. I am available to help you or share with your group. Also, read “Understanding Health Responses,” which is also included in this book.

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