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Letter to Editor: Concerns for future funding for Millington schools

Dear Editor:

millington-star-flag-1It was interesting to note the discussion over capital funding last night (Oct. 4). The concern seemed to be having to ask the public for additional funding. So doing can be catastrophic economically for this community. Let’s take a look at a basic demographic. The medium income is $45,000 or less. Not the $95,000 you find in Arlington and other municipalities. I believe the City is doing all it can without going bankrupt, so alternate fund sources need to be found. Our neighbors must be doing something right, look at the scoreboards and new fields coming on line under the name of local business. Why can’t we do this in Millington?
Often is heard the argument that the public be asked to donate. There is only so much they can do. Sept. 28, The Commercial Appeal provided good information describing the Capital Funding activities going on at White Station (approved by the SCs schoolboard) and moving to Whitehaven being headed by parents and private concerns. There also was a very interesting discussion about what is going on in Collierville. Succinctly these activities promoting outside funding by local industry and business. One such example is selling the naming rights for the buildings, athletic fields etc. Why can’t we learn from our neighbors and do the same thing here.
Let’s also ask another question. Do the families of the base command staff live in Millington and their kids attend Millington schools? I suspect not. As I understand the schools are rated very low as compared to surrounding communities. This information is provided the command staff before they move here. So these family people decide to live elsewhere, but work here. Despite all of the accolades that were passed last night, it’s evident there is a problem with meeting needs of our city’s largest employer. So are these accolades real. I suspect until these needs are met we will not be able to look for others to move here.

J A Smith

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