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By Otis Griffin
MLS-02-02-Southern Raisin Max 3cIf you have been on God’s Green Earth for three or four scores, you will relate.  I have some big truck driving friends and when they parachute out of the cab and the air brakes sounds like a hurricane flattening a smokehouse, you’d better watch out.  The next enunciation coming is: “You ain’t gonna’ believe this.”   Six bits Correct!
I believe I met the next J. B. Mauney in the flesh and a cowboy outfit.  A polite Southern Gentleman with knowingly, true manners.  Quiet, humble, respectful and courteous.  He even removed his hat when speaking and stood tall, quite confident of his subject discussion.
You think, why these glowing compliments?   First, Mauney, is probably the most famous rodeo cowboy ever.  But the “cat’s meow”   I’m speaking of is only five years old.  I was blown away as I thought all five year olds watched Sponge Bob, or punched on a phone/computer.
Max Johnson inherited his interest tagging along on his Granddaddy’s Steve Davis’ britches leg as soon as he could get out of his cramped (crib) horse stall.  Equestrian traits run in the family as demonstrated by Mom, Nurse Stevi, Dad, Bruce and twelve year old sister Reagan.
Attending Atoka Fellowship Academy allows Max to “knock off” for the day, mount “Ole Blue” and practice roping, his favorite exercise.  Max also practices frugality saving for a roping dummy that Santy delivered him.  Mentally tough, he assists the farrier for trimming, shoeing and checking medical alliances which require six weeks attention.  Now a hoof pick, and gently clean the frog so hopefully no injuries, after brushing.
The youngster needs assistance to saddle up, very capable of a healthy demonstration.  Reminding the audience to never scare the horses or they could hurt you.  Mount on the left side and hold on tight.
When questioned about his knowledge at such a young age?  Max militarily snapped to attention with, “my coach, Mr. Shaun Turner showed me what to do and I want to be perfect.  Displaying his huge belt buckle he won at Loretta’s ranch causes his chest to bulge with enormous pride,
In closing I was most impressed by his manners of “yes sir” and “no sir” which no one hears any more.  Christian raised in a hard working environment I believe he will succeed on a bucking bronco.  Most of our news is bad, but a feel-good story will lighten your day and restore you faith in Man Kind.  Especially a five year old on a horse.  From Roy and Gene to possibly MAX?  Never know!

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