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Crisis Center accepting toners and Inkjet cartridges

Star Staff Reports
MLS-03-23-Millington Crisis Center LogoThe Millington Crisis Center needs your help.
Every day thousands of people go hungry have nowhere to sleep and no one to turn to in the Millington area. One way to help the Crisis Center will assist you in cleaning up.
“Every business, school, church, and office has used Inkjet cartridges and toners,” Crisis Center Director Lois Wilber noted. “We will take this trash and turn it into money to feed the poor and get these types of harmful chemicals out of landfills. Home printers, jet or laser have ink cartridges, we’ll take those too.
“Think about it, something most of us throw away, can be used for the good of others and help save our environment too,” she added. “Your help is dearly needed; you could same a family from being evicted, or having the lights turned out because they could not afford to pay the bill. Your used ink cartridge could make a difference.”
There are other ways to help the Millington Crisis Center. The Center has survived more than 20 years in the Millington Area helping those in the community. The Center is requiring the following:
Volunteers: to fold, stack, and stock clothing. To take phone calls and make appointments.
Board Members:  Vice President, Secretary, Historian, Outreach Chair, Programs Chair, General Board Members .
A new Roof
Gutters need replace or reattached.
Need to replace back door due to being broken into three times.
Lawn maintenance
Paint the entrance ramp
Patch roof leaks
Canned food, other nonperishable food, canned meat is exceptionally hard to come by.
Blankets for the homeless  (we have moved three families living in sheds, into homes).
Socks, clothing, New Toys, can openers, women’s sweaters, tennis shoes
And your financial donations.
For more information or to contact write to the Millington Crisis Center at 8133 Wilkinsville Road, Millington, TN 38053 or call at Lois Wilber at 901-872-4357

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