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NEWS ALERT: E.A. Harrold student takes first in art contest

Star Staff Reports

EA Harrold third grader Tlaloc Malagon poses with his winning poster and art teacher Lori Campbell Tuesday.

EA Harrold third grader Tlaloc Malagon poses with his winning poster and art teacher Lori Campbell Tuesday.

E.A. Harrold’s Tlaloc Malagon won first place in the 2017 Agricenter International Day Poster Contest in the third and fourth grade division.  Malagon is in Ashley Royal’s third grade class and an art student of Lori Campbell. The winners were honored at a luncheon ceremony at the Agricenter in Memphis Tuesday March 21.

Political officials were there at the ceremony to present and honor Malagon with five different Certificates:

Mark Norris, State of Tennessee and State Senate Majority Leader

David Reaves, Shelby County Commissioner,

Jai Templeton, Commissioner – Tennessee Department of Agriculture

John Butler, President of Shelby County UT Extension Institute of Agriculture

Mark Luttrell, Shelby County Mayor

“They loved Tlaloc,” Campbell noted. “He was the hit of the luncheon.  Tlaloc’s entire family went and he also received $100.  I am a super proud teacher.  I just love my job.”

The AG Day Poster Contest had winners in these three categories, Grade Level 3 and 4, Grade Level 5 and 6, and Grade Level 7 and 8, to celebrate the men and women who work to provide our national bounty, Agricenter established the “Ag Day” Poster Contest. This contest is held in honor of Agriculture and to recognize students in Shelby County who best describe Agriculture through their artwork on a given subject or theme. Few people realize that 1/10 of 1 percent of agricultural producers are producing 80 percent of the food and fiber we consume and use daily.

“Agriculture: Food for Life” was the theme for 2017. With this poster contest, coordinators asked students to display how Agriculture is important to us and our country. Students can demonstrate how Agriculture has provided food for their lives in their poster.

Students are divided into three divisions. The divisions are Third-Fourth grade, Fifth-Sixth grade, and Seventh-Eighth grade. The first place winners of each division was awarded $100, the second place winners $50, and the third place winners $25. The first place winner’s teacher also receives a $50 check.

The winners and their family were honored with a luncheon at Agricenter. The winning posters are framed and displayed in Agricenter for one year. In the past three years, the posters have traveled to Nashville to hang in the War Memorial Building in honor of National Ag Week.

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