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Whoville? Millington Elementary transforms into a work of Suess

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MLS-04-06-Suess 2 bottom MLS-04-06-Suess 3 middle MLS-04-06-Suess 4 middle MLS-04-06-Suess 7 topMillington Elementary hosted a family engagement event to enter the World of Dr. Seuss on March 23.
Prior to our event, each grade level read a certain Dr. Seuss book, learned many interesting things, and created a variety of different projects around that book.  Some of the exciting activities included first grade reading Green Eggs and Ham.
They predicted whether or not they would like green eggs and ham, then ate green eggs and ham, and charted their results.  Second grade read Yertle the Turtle.  They created a brochure to visit Yertleville, wrote about what lessons can be learned, and also researched informational texts on turtles.  Fifth grade read Oh the Places You’ll Go.  Students thought about their future and wrote what career they wanted when they got older.
These goals were grouped into the categories of military, college, and trade school.  They researched where these places are located, then found the distance from Millington to that location. From that, they converted miles to feet and inches and kilometers to meters and centimeters.
They then created graphs/line plots based on their career choices and created questions related to that data for other students to answer.  In addition to these awesome achievements, PK students completed activities around the book, Fox in Socks.  Kindergarten completed learning activities around the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Third grade got to write about Horton Hears a Who, and fourth grade got to write to The Lorax!
The night of the event, students were given passports to Our World of Dr. Seuss.  When they visited each hallway with grade level work displayed, they received a stamp on their passport.
Completed passports were entered into a drawing to win a Dr. Seuss book! In addition, students were given Dr. Seuss activities to do at home and parents were given reading and math activities to do with their child at home along with tips on how to use them. A Millington Elementary PTA meeting and a first grade choral performance followed this event.

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