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Midsouth Marketplace growing with unique combination

By Thomas Sellers Jr.
BUS Midsouth Marketplace updateWhere can you go in Millington to see five decades of pinball machines?
The same spot where you can buy classic materials, latest fashion or items to decorate your home. In three months the Midsouth Marketplace located at 8323 Highway 51 North is becoming the destination for area residents looking for a deal.
“They’ve been going great,” Midsouth Marketplace owner and auctioneer Jon Stoddard said. “We’ve been welcomed very well. The Chamber has welcomed us with open arms. The Mayor has welcomed us with open arms. The Mayor is here I would say fairly regularly. He visits the arcade on a regular basis.”
Millington Mayor Terry Jones has been one of many to relax in the old-school arcade featuring several pinball machines dating back to the 1960s. The arcade also features a virtual pinball machine with multiple games within one machine.
Stoddard and his wife/co-owner Nena said the arcade and the rest of the facility is still growing and undergoing changes.
The Stoddards made news throughout Millington back in January when they announced they were moving their nearly two-year old business into the old Cole’s Do It Center from the previous 9270 Highway 51 North location.
The Midsouth Marketplace and Auction Group opened its doors in the new location on January 27. In three months the Marketplace had 90 vendors with about 100 spots still available.
Vendors have made available to the public antiques, retro items and classic pieces. Jon said the 46,000 square-foot building is just in phase one of it’s development.
“We’re always trying to grow,” he noted. “We’re not even done with what we’ve set in here to do yet. Much-less grow on top of that, as we’re doing things and bringing in vendors. We have three times more vendors here than we do at our first location already.
“On auction night to were used to be between 100 and 150 people, we’re now between 150 to 200 people. We have the cafe open. It’s open on Friday afternoon into Friday night. And it’s also opened all day Saturday. As we grow and the interest becomes more, we’ll open it more. The arcade is still a work in progress. There’s about 18 pinball machines in there now with a couple of video games.”
For updates, schedules and more information about the Midsouth Marketplace, visit the Facebook page at  Midsouth Marketplace and Auction Group.
The Marketplace is still accepting vendors and the hours of operation will be Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with extended hours on Friday for auctions. For more information, call 872-0129.

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